No, I'm not dressing up like Sally or Jack Skellington for Christmas BUT I do feel like Helena Bonham-Carter at some Tim-Burton movie or shoot in my holiday look this year and I'm loving it! You know it's a stretch to see any pop of color in my wardrobe choices and for this look, I decided it was okay to keep the festivities on my face with a bold red lip and stick with my monochromatic palette of black and white. I feel elegant and edgy in this button-down/skirt combo and with glitter bows on my shoes, (which I DIYed, sorry Gucci!) I had the touch of sparkle every holiday look should have. Also, can we talk about this jacket?! I mean, we need to because it's really what makes this look a look and it was crazy affordable from Zara. I call it my Wednesday Adams jacket, which I personally prefer to a Wednesday Adams dress because it's more versatile and can be modernized by what you're wearing underneath! The intricate cuffs and collar on this jacket add a special something because they are far more styled and polished than a boring plain white cuff and collar and the silhouette of this jacket looks so flattering, you can button it all the way up and call it a dress!

This year, step up your holiday game with a chic black and white ensemble and pop some festive red and/or glitter into your makeup, bag or shoes! I've rounded up some gorgeous black and white pieces and festive pops for you to shop below because though you won't get them delivered by Christmas, this has definitely become one of my favorite looks for year-round wear! Whether it's for a day of meetings, a night out or dinner with coworkers or friends, I really think this is a style statement that everyone should have on hand in their wardrobe!

If you guys want to see how I DIYed these faux-Gucci bedazzled shoe bows, let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram and I will post a video tutorial on my YouTube channel showing you how to do it for next to no money very soon! For holiday hair and makeup inspo, also be sure to watch my latest full 'Get Ready With Me: Holiday Party' video! PS these shoe bows are detachable (just like the Gucci ones) so you can wear them with any pair of your favorite heels or flats for an extra oomph!

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