With my due date literally right around the corner, I’m so excited to finally get to put all of the amazing items I’ve been gifted for Baby Girl Beech to use! When I first found out I was pregnant, I was completely clueless as to what products I would need to care for a baby. My friends and family would spew random information at me, which was super helpful but also extremely overwhelming and hard to take in. I’d make note of things mentally that stood out to me as items and products that would work for me and our family’s needs and lifestyle but when it came time to get organized and put together a baby shower registry, it was difficult to know where to begin! Cue, the registry guru who stumbled into my life at just the right time and helped me more than I could ever express! Monica Banks is the founder of Gugu Guru and now someone I’m grateful to call a friend. She is an expert on all things babies and children and was so crucial in my decision making when it came to products for our little one. Monica kept me organized, educated, prepared and above all else, made me feel confident that it was all going to be okay whenever I got overwhelmed or had questions. The guidance and careful thought that went into every category of baby products to suit our family was just brilliant and I’m thrilled she was able to take the lead on this blog post and share all the details of my baby shower registry with you today! Hope you enjoy!

I’m really excited to introduce my friend and registry guru, Gugu Guru founder, Monica Banks, who will take over this blog post from here! Keep reading to hear all about her company, the process for curating my dream baby shower registry and to see everything that was on it!

Hi, Everyone! My name is Monica and I am the founder of Gugu Guru - we are a highly-personalized one-stop-shop that guides parents and parents-to-be through the overwhelming baby gear market and planning process with unbiased product recommendations for baby registries.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself here on Shenae’s blog and tell you a little bit about working with this very sweet couple and soon-to-be party of three.

While Gugu Guru is totally free, our Concierge service is our elevated yet affordable option that offers one-on-one guidance from premier baby planners and gear experts. Our Concierge team was so excited to work with Shenae & Josh to prepare for Baby Beech’s arrival and we’re thrilled to share our picks with you here.

At Gugu Guru, we recognize that every family is unique and that what works for one might not work for the other. We had to get to know Shenae & Josh before we pointed them to the products that are a best fit. The first step we take when working with any expectant parents is to have them take our free, fun lifestyle quiz so we can learn more about how they live and their product preferences. For example, questions like: What’s their style? What’s their budget? What kind of climate do they live in? Do they plan to cloth diaper or disposable diaper? All of these questions and more, help us pare down the selections significantly before the consult.

One of the most obvious things we took note of when reviewing Shenae & Josh’s profile was definitely their distinct - and very cool - sense of style. It was clear they wanted modern and sleek high quality products that would not be babyish in design or color. They’re also a modern, busy working couple (and frequent travelers too), which played a big role in many of the product recommendations we made for their growing family.

Some of the products that we recommended for Shenae & Josh might be a fit for you if:

  • Your budget is on the higher side of the spectrum.

  • You are a frequent traveler.

  • You plan on nursing with a plan b (i.e., pumping or supplementing.)

  • You are a working professional who works outside of the home.

  • You are willing to spend a little more for high-quality products that will last through the long haul, including future children if you’re considering having more than one child.

  • You like black, white, metallics and neutral colors for yourself, your baby and also your home décor.

  • You prefer your baby gear to mesh with your home décor and not stand out.

So without further ado, here is a link to Shenae & Josh’s baby registry:  We’d love to hear what you think!

I built Gugu Guru because I saw that growing families can be extremely overwhelmed with all the baby products and planning involved - during what should be a joyful time of life. Expectant parents are often experiencing research and decision fatigue, while also getting a lot of bad information - mostly from well-meaning friends and family.  If you need a little help kickstarting your baby planning, you can find us at If you want an expert to give you one-on-one unbiased assistance cutting through all the noise and saving you loads of time (and stress!) with unbiased recommendations that are highly personalized for your family, give our Concierge a try.