This week, I was asked by a friend to participate in the #WokeUpThisWayChallenge and post an unfiltered, no makeup photo on Instagram first thing in the morning to shatter the false image of perfection that social media often projects. I was happy to partake because hell, getting all pretty and dolled up for a simple Instagram post can be way more effort than I care to put into getting ready most days! I loved seeing so many of my girlfriends and fellow influencers posting their makeup-free photos and felt really bonded to everyone that participated in and celebrated this challenge so I was inspired to take it one step further with this blog post today! I want to say thanks to you guys for making me feel empowered and confident enough to do a shoot like this. Pregnancy is such a natural thing but when you're pregnant, you truly feel supernatural so it felt great to embrace all of the changes that have come during this time and wear them with pride in these photos!

My husband is ALWAYS telling me how much prettier I look without "all that makeup" on and encourages me to forego my warpaint routine on a regular basis. I won't lie to you, I never listen. I'm self conscious about my skin redness, discoloration and texture so a full face of foundation and concealer feels like a must even on my best skin day. Especially recently, with my super hormonal, hyper-pigmented pregnancy complexion? Yeah, right! But this week, with my #WokeUpThisWayChallenge photo under my belt, I felt empowered to bare it all completely makeup-free in a shoot for the blog! I haven't worn not a single stitch of makeup on camera since us 90210 gals did our shoot for People's Most Beautiful issue ten years ago but I'm really happy with how these photos came out and it felt pretty damn good to be completely myself! P.S. Ten years ago?! Shit, I'm old!


Pregnancy mask is a badge of honor and while I'm proud of all the amazing changes my body is going through to bring this little girl to life, the hormonal melasma and redness is something I often prefer to cover up when venturing out into the world. I hate feeling like I've got a heavy, caked face of makeup on so keeping my skin looking natural is important to me even when color correcting and covering my problems areas. I think I mastered the tough combination of color corrected full coverage and natural looking skin in this tutorial and I'm so excited to share my routine! I really hope it helps anyone who deals with melasma and redness as well! Let me know if it did by liking the video and leaving me a comment below!