A major tip for any expectant mama is to shampoo their hair less regularly than usual. I have very thick, coarse hair so I try not to shampoo too often whether I'm pregnant or not. The natural oils that your scalp produces are good for your hair especially when it is dry and color-treated like mine. With all that said, the recommended amount of washing when pregnant is just once a week and that is a pretty long time to let all those oils sit on your scalp. I'm a believer that a good hair day is the start to a great day and while you can't wash your hair as often during pregnancy, it's important to me that I keep it looking good in order to keep this mama-to-be feeling good about myself! In order to keep my hair looking fresh between washes, I rely heavily on products like dry shampoo but the buildup of oils and products throughout the week can leave my scalp feeling like it needs a deep clean when it's time to finally shampoo!


Charcoal has been all the rage in a wide variety of products for a while now. I've tried drinking juices with activated charcoal (Holler, hangover cure extraordinaire!) and brushing my teeth with activated charcoal (Holler, pearly whites without painful chemical whitening!) but I've never tried activated charcoal in my haircare regimen until now! If charcoal works so well to suck the toxins out of my body and my chompers, it only makes sense that it would do the same for my scalp! The activated charcoal in the new Pantene Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner literally detoxes your hair by pulling out the impurities like magnetic attraction whilst releasing antioxidants that keep your hair looking and feeling fresh all week long in between washes. Pantene's charcoal system's blend of activated charcoal antioxidants and pro-vitamin B5 works wonders to not only keep your scalp purified and fresh but also leaves your hair full-bodied and shiny. There are no parabens, no dyes and no silicone in these products so the results you see are really what you get! After one wash with the Pantene Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner, I looked like I had just left the salon with the shine and bounce that was added to my every day at-home beach waves look. It's hard to find products that actually work and after trying these out, I can honestly say that I've genuinely converted to charcoal haircare! My hair feels amazing and it doesn't look too shabby either if I do say so myself! ;)


Another added bonus of using these products? When you purchase the Pantene Charcoal Collection Shampoo and Conditioner or any two Charcoal Collection products in-store or online at your local Target, you'll receive a $5 gift card!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.