Ahhh!!! Baby Girl Beech arrives in T-Minus one month! That is absolutely, mind blowingly, insanely, endlessly surreal to me and yet oh so freaking in-yo-face real all at the same time. I repeat, Ahhh!!! 

Okay, now that that's out of my system... I am 36 weeks pregnant and now the countdown has really begun. The nerves and the excitement and the I-don't-even-know-how-to-describe-what-I'm-feeling overwhelming anticipation are continually rushing in at increasing intensity with every passing moment and we're really in a place where now, we just wait. It is so hard to sit on my hands and try to relax and await her arrival but I've seriously run out of things to busy myself with in regards to preparation. The nursery is decorated, her clothes have been washed and rewashed, her closet is organized, her baby gear is here and ready to use, we have read the books, we have done the classes, first aid kits are prepped, her name is picked. Apart from some very preemptive babyproofing that I'm insistent of and a handful of final doctor's appointments, we're ready for ya baby girl! Well, as ready as we can be anyway.

Cue, the inevitable fear everyone's been asking about for months. You win. It's here.

The reality of being completely responsible for a defenseless, innocent, entirely dependent, teeny tiny, brand new human being has really hit home this week. While we genuinely can't wait... I'm starting to get riddled by all the what ifs and potential disasters and irrational but totally valid fear that I'd say most new parents experience at some point along the way. If you want to hear more about that and my husband's take on it all, make sure to head to my YouTube Channel to watch my latest pregnancy vlog with Josh, our 36 Weeks Pregnant Update is live now! xo