It's official! I have entered my third trimester and holy crap am I feeling it! While I'm stoked to be entering this final trimester of pregnancy, I have to tell you that as soon as I hit 28 weeks, my blissful second trimester honeymoon period flew right out the door! The weight of becoming a mama so freaking soon and well, the straight up literal body weight both hit me hard and fast. I chat all about my 28 week pregnancy symptoms including the touchy subject of weight gain in my latest pregnancy vlog so if you're interested, click HERE or head to my YouTube Channel to watch that in-depth chat.

What I want to talk about here is the number one question I've been getting asked by everyone I see... "Are you scared?" Well, shit. I mean, should I be scared? When people first ask, my initial thought is... What's so scary about continuing the natural circle of life? People do it every day, all over the world from all different walks of life. It's natural, not scary, right? Then I think... Wait a minute, am I scared? Because when you just asked me, I got a sudden pang of feeling scared. Then if I think about it too much, I definitely feel myself getting scared.  Then if I actually stop to ponder the endless possibilities of the ways I could mess up the most important job I've ever had and will ever have in my entire life, yeah I guess I get pretty fucking scared! AH! But when I take a step back from that provocative question and go about my days experiencing everything there is to experience about this journey, generally, no, I'm actually not scared. I'm just embracing things day by day and will do my best to take every day of parenthood just the same. You cannot predict the future so what's the point in wasting time trying? I cannot prep for the unknown so what the point in wasting time pretending I can? Life is meant to be lived and let me tell you, there is nothing like creating another life that let's you know you're living it! Fear is natural but so is procreation so I'm letting that question slide through one ear and out the other while I marvel at my body and this newfound purpose I've been blessed with!

I've been so inspired by how enthusiastic and encouraging you've all been about me sharing my pregnancy journey with you on YouTube and Instagram so I'm going to continue sharing and connecting. Feeling your love and support and creating a safe place for raw, honest dialogue about our shared struggles, joys and experiences has fast become a great passion of mine thanks to you! My second pregnancy vlog is now live my YouTube channel so head there to check out my 28 weeks pregnancy update and to hear all about my symptoms, thoughts and feelings, where I'm at and what I'm doing as a mama-to-be at 28 weeks. If you like this blog post and you like my new YouTube video please like and comment letting me know so I can continue posting this type of content and sharing with you all!