I thought it was time to share my first pregnancy update with you guys at 24 weeks and I'm nervous but excited to finally chat about all of the gory and beautiful details. I won't get in too deep here because I find it easier to word vomit in-person on camera so if you want to hear about it all at length then head to head to my YouTube Channel to watch my first pregnancy vlog or scroll to the bottom of this post! What I will say here is, thank the universe for second trimesters because man oh man, that first one was a real bitch! I am feeling SO much better and I know everyone told me I would but when you're feeling as low and sick as I was, it's really hard to believe that the first trimester roughness won't last forever. Rest assured, it doesn't! I'm socializing again and working out like a champ and it feels sooo good. I'm also finally feeling baby girl do her thing swimming around in this growing belly, which really is just the coolest. When people found out I was pregnant they'd always ask if I felt "connected" to the baby and I looked at them like they were crazy. Like how in the world could I feel emotionally "connected" to this little alien tadpole that I wouldn't even know was in there if it wasn't making me feel like absolute crap all day every day? Like I said, that first trimester can be a real bitch. It's crazy how as soon as you feel that little nugget move inside you, it all comes crashing into you like woah! Nobody in this universe will ever get to have the wordless conversation of movement I get to share with my baby girl everyday during the second half of this pregnancy and that right there, folks? That is some kind of pure magic. Something too special to properly describe. Something I will cherish forever. Something that makes me a mom before I've even laid eyes on this kid. Movement is the biggest deal for me at 24 weeks because it's shifted my whole perspective and formed that "connection" everyone asks about instantaneously and the best part? It's a connection completely unique to me and Baby Girl Beech. Boom! 

I'm sharing this pregnancy update with you because a) my husband takes dope photos and I had to share this shoot and b) I was inspired recently to let my guard down and be more open about this experience with the amazing supporters I have who are curious and genuinely care. About a week ago, Josh and I had a lot of fun talking about our pregnancy on an episode of Matt Lanter & Angela Lanter's 'Hello Baby' podcast, which is avail on iTunes, Spotify and of course, Angela's amazing blog. Make sure to tune in to the June 4, 2018 episode to hear us get totally candid about our pregnancy experience so far with our dear pals, the Lanters. The freeing experience of honestly and openly chatting with them is really what inspired this post and my first ever pregnancy vlog on my YouTube Channel. Head to that video to hear all about my pregnancy symptoms, thoughts and feelings and where I'm at as a mama-to-be at 24 weeks. If you like this blog post and you like my new YouTube video please like and comment letting me know so I can continue posting this type of content and sharing with you all!