Finding clothes that fit is a basic struggle for every woman when pregnant but there are fortunately lots of maternity options at every price point that will do the trick. Finding stylish clothes that make you feel confident, attractive and like your pre-pregnancy fine ass self? That is hurdle not so easily leapt over with most maternity wear on the market.

I'm at the point in my pregnancy now where even my basic tees don't fit without my belly bulging out from underneath the hem so I've almost entirely turned over to strictly maternity wear in my day-to-day wardrobe. While there are a handful of on-trend items available for us preggo folk, most of them are things I just don't want to spend the money on because they'll be way too big or oddly shaped for my post-pregnancy body in just a few months! Finding pieces that will transition with me from pregnant to post-pregnant is a priority when it comes to maternity shopping and one of the must-haves I've loved so far is kimonos... which is why I have about twelve and that number is growing!

There are kimonos for every occasion and you can throw them over anything to create a look, no matter how basic your garments are underneath! Best part? They're SO comfy and they're going to be perfect for nursing and post-pregnancy outfits all in the same! I'm honestly not sure there was ever a more versatile article of clothing and the variety of prints and colors they come in are truly endless. Keep scrolling to see how I style a few different kimonos from Victoria's Secret and my fave maternity brand Pink Blush! I've also selected my favorite kimonos avail for under $100 so click through below to shop!


Baby Girl Beech is not even here yet and I already spend 24/7 thinking about her, preparing for her and preemptively spoiling her! Since this post is about my pregnancy style, feeling good about myself and rocking pregnancy with confidence, I thought it was worth including a link to my latest YouTube video, which is all about spoiling mama! I'd been accidentally stockpiling beauty PR boxes for months because I've been so focused on baby but the silver lining is that it made for the Biggest Beauty PR Unboxing Ever on my YouTube channel!!!

I'm so grateful to all of the brands that sent me goodies from their collections and I'd love your feedback on what kind of videos you'd like me to create using their products so comment with your ideas here or on the YouTube page of this video!!!