I finally feel confident to post about my outfits again because secret's out and the interweb now knows I'm preggers not just on an extensive McDonald's kick... or at least, my McDonald's kick can now be blamed on the fry-loving fetus inside of me! ;) I'm also finally passing the threshold of "has she just let herself go or is she with child?", which for any mamas reading, you know is such an annoying period in pregnancy. This period also happens to coincide with the time when you're supposed to be staying mum about it all.  The time when you're likely feeling your sickest with symptoms, feeling your least confident as your body starts to change and can't breathe a word of it while you watch people side eye your tummy and assume you've just been slacking at the gym. Good times.

I only really noticeably began to pop at around 16 weeks but my pants stopped fitting what feels like a lifetime ago so my new best friend for the past few months? You guessed it, overalls! I won't lie to you, I'm pretty relieved I'm finally at a point in pregnancy where I feel justified in putting on maternity jeans but I do still love me a pair of overalls. They're comfy and super cute and are the perfect transition from pre-pregnancy into full blown mama mode. For months I would try to squeeze myself into my pre-preggo jeans and bear with the discomfort all day or night, which totally sucked but I was too embarrassed to cross over to maternity wear.  It may sound silly but everyone I spoke to was telling me that they didn't show at all until they were 5-6 months gone or even lost 10 pounds in their first trimester and I let that get to my head.  Everyone's body is different and power to the people who stayed slim for ages into pregnancy but this mama-to-be has been gaining since the day she found out and that's okay! During the times when I didn't want to wear maternity jeans yet and the times now when I miss wearing regular clothes, overalls offer the perfect solution. I'm also all for clothes that can work for pre/post-pregnancy bods and pregnancy bods because it seems like such a waste of money to buy maternity clothes that you will only wear for a handful of months in your lifetime! Surely that money could be spent on better things, right? 

From black to blue, fitted to distressed, denim to printed fabric and full-length to shorts, I think I could probably wear overalls 7 days a week and there's so many options of styles for every occasion! I've rounded up a handful of my favorites that you can shop below so click through to check them out and let me know what maternity wear hacks you have for me in the comments section below!!!