The turnover of a year typically brings a change of hair in my life! Every time I'm just about happy with where my old "new" hairstyle is at, I get bored and need to switch it up, stat. Anyone else? I love that altering your hairstyle, however slightly, makes a drastic change in reinventing your look. I've gone short, I've gone super long, I've been dark, I've been pink and I've taken bleached out ombre to an extreme but with my taste in clothes veering so modern rocker chic(k), I thought some retro 70s-esque locks could juxtapose that vibe in an interesting way. I'm not a flower power, Coachella over Christmas kinda gal but that's exactly why I thought some tastefully longer locks and center-parted Farah Fawcett bangs would be a cool change for my rather rock n' roll style! Thanks to my dudes (and one gal who's not in these pics, @lauryntullio), my 2018 hair dreams came true!

Amaran (@saintasylum) has been coloring my hair on every random whim I've had for years and recently moved over to Ken Paves new salon! While he also happens to be my best friend and most of our hair escapades have taken place in my kitchen sink, Ken's new digs make the journey to West Hollywood a welcomed change of scenery. The space is gorgeous and the environment is full of warm, lovely folks I now call friends. You can also process while chilling in the fresh air on their stunning back patio, which is SO lovely when you're spendings hours at a salon! I haven't had extensions for years but when I told Amaran about the new vibe I was going for, he said the salon had just the person to make that kind of magic happen. Graham (@grahamnation) totally nailed my longer but not too long locks and the fullness his extensions added to my mane leaves my hair looking on point even when I literally roll out of bed. Magic indeed. The three of us may or may not also have a pretty good time while all this hair business is going down, in case you can't tell from the pictures below. Sitting in a salon for hours on end can feel boring and stale but it is anything but at Ken's new spot (@kenpavessalon). His space is bright and airy and full of laughs and you never know when Mr. Paves (@kenpaves) himself will be bustling around the salon making everything even brighter! Huge thanks and a big smooch to everyone over there!!!