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I’ve said it before but I’m saying it again, having confidence in your smile is an absolute, every single day beauty must-have! Now, more than ever before in my life, I’m focusing on taking care of my smile because a lot of the time it’s all that I’m wearing on my face! :) With my nonstop #momlife, there are a lot of days that I just don’t have time to apply makeup. Heck, some days it’s a miracle if I remember to find a minute in the morning to moisturize! One thing I know with certainty that I will always make time for is brushing my teeth. No matter where I am, what ungodly hour I wake up at or what I’ve got going on that day, this mama is most definitely brushing her teeth so the products I use need to be ones that I can rely on to give me the brightest, whitest smile possible! Enter my new favorite toothbrush that was literally designed to make your smile shine: GLEEM. This product is brand new to market so I’m pretty excited to be one of the first to try it and give you my honest review!


GLEEM’s power toothbrush has sensitive sonic vibrations that gently polish teeth to give you a gleaming smile… see what I did there? But seriously, it’s no secret that electric toothbrushes penetrate areas between your teeth that you just don’t get to when you’re doing it all manually. What’s awesome about this power toothbrush is that it is battery operated and totally wireless so no need for remembering to whack it on charge or have unsightly wires hanging around! One AAA battery is all you need, which also allows the toothbrush to be slim, sleek, lightweight and totally reliable. It also has a built-in timer that pulses every 30 seconds as an easy reminder for when you hit the 2-minute mark. In my experience, this is also awesome because it holds you accountable for the two minutes we should all be brushing our teeth for but often times cut short on!

This toothbrush will keep your teeth looking good but it’s also designed to keep your bathroom looking good, which definitely counts for something. I’m all about aesthetics in my home because I find that unattractive clutter genuinely clouds my mental state. Gone are the days of a chunky electric toothbrush and charging base taking up space on your countertop! The GLEEM power toothbrush conveniently fits in a toothbrush holder and also comes with a travel case to keep it clean and protected when you’re on-the-go!


I think my favorite part about the GLEEM power toothbrush is that while it has a lot of the same features as other power toothbrushes, it only costs $25! That is significantly more affordable than other power toothbrushes on the market. Trust me. Or Google it. You’ll see!

If you want to pick one of these bad boys up, they are available now in black or white on and will also be available at Walmart in-store and online starting September 29th!

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