I recently purchased the “it” belt everyone on Instagram has owned for years and I’m wearing it with absolutely everything because you best believe I’m getting my money’s worth! I’m talking about the timeless Double G Gucci belt in black with the brass buckle. You know the one! It took years of pining after this belt to finally make the splurge because the nearly $500 pricetag (incl. tax) was more than my conscience (or bank account) could handle! I’ve worked hard for my money and I’ll admit, no matter how responsible I become as the years go by, I’ll always had Carrier Bradshaw’s mantra ringing in my ear… “I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.”


Clothes make me happy. I literally work out of my closet because swimming in them inspires me. Unlike Ms. Bradshaw, however, I’m not a sucker for high end designer things. I like options. When it comes to clothing, I lean towards quantity over quality. With all that said, once every year or two, I do like to treat myself to an “investment piece“. Something that I vow to wear the shit out of because it costs more than it should but it’s worth it to me because it makes me feel fancy. To clarify, I don’t mean investment in the traditional sense because whether it will hold its value or not is never clear as I will genuinely wear the shit out of it and its condition will likely be in a sad state by the time I’m ready to part with it. Rather, I mean a piece that I’m investing in for myself because I feel like I deserve a treat that makes me feel good as soon as I put it on. It’d been a while since I’ve bought myself one of these investment pieces and after growing, birthing and nursing a human I felt it was well deserved. That, paired with the fact that I got my hands on it for nearly $200 off the retail price, make me proud to call myself an owner of a beautiful brand new Gucci belt! Find out how I got this never-goes-on-sale highly coveted item for under $300 on my YouTube channel now!


Watch ‘I Got My Gucci Belt For $200 OFF!’ now!

Like I said, I’m wearing this belt with EVERYTHING because it is so freaking versatile! For a super casual day look, rock it with ripped jeans and a band tee. For a day of meetings or a business casual office look, keep it simple with black skinnies and a statement blazer. For a cute summer look perfect for a BBQ, day of shopping or daytime party, dress up your favorite vintage summer dress or romper with this designer piece. And for a night on the town, I always feel sexy with a little leopard and leather and this belt goes perfectly with those warm tones and textures! All such different vibes and this belt suits each and every one!

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