If you guys follow me on Instagram then have surely become familiar with my beloved leopard print robe. It’s comfy and practical for keeping me warm and easily nursing Bowie at all hours and for a while there, my husband though it had permanently adhered to my skin. I just never wanted to take it off! Before you question my hygiene, let me clarify that I did in fact remove it to wash it as well as myself regularly.

With all that said, Bowie is coming up on five months and in the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling like this mama is slowly getting her groove back. Josh and I still haven’t had a date night and I still rarely leave the house without my little one BUT I am doing things that require me to actually get dressed more and more every day. Big things are happening here, people! Something strange happened the first time I got dressed to leave the house to do said things. Practicality factored into my wardrobe choices in a way it never has. Don’t get me wrong, I was never a 4 inch stiletto with every outfit kinda gal before baby but there are things to think about when I get ready now that have altered my style nonetheless.


Stability is a must because I’m clumsy on my best day. Throw sleep deprivation and holding a baby into the mix and it could easily spell disaster if I’m not dressed accordingly. Simply put, I don’t trust myself so I want to be as sturdy on the ground as possible! I’ve never been a sneaker person but my love for them has flourished thanks to #momlife. Here are some of my faves in my closet that you can shop!


Easy access for my nursing babe is also key so low cut tops allow me to feed her whenever and wherever without too much hassle and hey, they also show off my new mom boobs, which is fun perk for this previously flat chested lady! I also have taken to bombers as a cute alternative to a hoodie to keep me warm and again, grant easy access for feeds. Shop similar bombers to the one I’m wearing in these photos here!

Flattering my new mom bod is also something I never had to think much about before because I’ve always been relatively fit. What I’ve found suits my new curves best is bodysuits and high waisted jeans with a cute belt to really try to create a waist. Turn my weight gain into a simulated hourglass look with these wardrobe pieces has been working wonders for my confidence. You can browse through some of my favorite jeans and bodysuits I’ve added to my wardrobe below. I’m still a ways off of fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans so I invested in a handful of affordable pairs in my current jean size. I recently decided to accept where I’m at and not settle for wearing sweats and leggings until the day comes (if it ever does!) that I fit into my old jeans. Making that choice was also big confidence booster for me postpartum so I strongly urge any new mamas reading to do the same!

Discovering these simple style adjustments was a learning curve that I feel so much better for having figured out! I was starting to feel like a ghost of my former self and it was making me feel shlumpy… I don’t know that that’s a real word but it’s the best adjective for where I was at just a few weeks ago. I’ll never be my old self again and I love that. I’m a mother to a beautiful baby girl and that is way better than any old version of me. BUT just because I’m a mom now, it doesn’t mean I need to look weathered and disheveled… even if I feel that way a lot of the time! I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom! At least that’s how my new style staples make me feel when I’m out and about with my babe and she’s not old enough to tell me otherwise yet so let me have it while I can. ;)

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