While it’s still sweltering in LA, we recently took a month-long family vacation to visit our relatives in Canada and England so we got a healthy dose of Fall weather. With Fall being my favorite season and virtually non-existent where I live, I was super excited to layer up and dress the part while I was away! A lot of people on Instagram commented asking about my outfits whenever I’d post photos from our trip so I thought it’d be fun to do a quick “shop the looks” post about some of my faves!


Look 1:

London Punk Vibes

Inspired by London’s OG cool kid history, one of my first outfits off the plane was a classic pairing of plaid pants and a biker jacket with some combat boots. This is a typical Fall uniform for me because it’s comfy, keeps me warm and just embodies who I am day-to-do. A bit masculine, a bit tough but still focused on highlighting my feminine figure.


Look 2:

Parisian Pretty-ish

I wore this outfit to one of my favorite areas to visit in London, Camden. Camden is known for its edgy, eclectic crowd so I was inspired to get a little more creative with my look than I typically do. I love this gingham romper for Summer but it works great for Fall as well if you layer it up with cozy accessories like this wool beret and knit knee socks. I threw on an oversized black denim jacket to keep warm and give it that tomboy edge I’m always drawn to and finished it off with the same pair of Docs I wore pretty much the entire trip!

Look 3:

Simple City Chic

The last outfit that everyone seemed to love on Insta was one I threw on for a rainy day out in Toronto. It’s super simple and practical for city dwelling but kind of has this effortless chic thing going on so worth a mention! I was actually gifted this wool trench from the wardrobe department of a Hallmark movie I did a couple of years ago. I was wearing leggings and a sweater underneath but when you put on a coat like this with pretty details and a flattering silhouette, you instantly appear pulled together! For accessories, I mixed prints to make the outfit a bit more interested, wearing a plaid scarf around my neck and a silk leopard hair scarf on my head.

Shop Items Inspired By My Fall Looks Below:

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