Vinyl and fetish fantasies have typically gone hand in hand but don't worry folks, this vinyl fashion is entirely PG... apart from the fact that it is chic as f*ck! If you saw my Trend Alert: Patent Skirts post a couple of weeks ago then you already know how obsessed with the patent/vinyl trend I am but this post is about breaking any preconceived ideas you may have that vinyl can only be incorporated into evening or party looks. You can totally mean business and dress like a boss whilst rocking your new favorite vinyl piece. (Mine currently being these skinny vinyl trousers.) For as bold of a statement as vinyl garments are, they're also incredibly versatile! They can act as a great alternative to basic black jeans for nights out, business meetings or even casual errands when paired with your favorite comfy tee or sweater and sneakers! I've only had them a week or two but they've already become a second skin. I've worn them in all of the above scenarios and more and I still just can't get enough! Side note: If you're self conscious about your tummy like I am don't be scared by high waisted options because they're actually far more comfortable to wear and any problem areas can be hidden with a hip length blouse, tee or sweater so problem solved!

The outfit I recently wore for a day of business meetings was an absolute hit and because the pants are the statement of the look, the rest is super easy to throw together without much accessorizing needed at all! My camel coat adds an instant dose of chic. Of course, any long wool coat will do the trick but something about camel tones provide a Scandinavian minimalistic touch that in my opinion, can't be beat. I also threw on my new Paco Rabanne loafers, which cost a pretty penny if you're not purchasing them with a gift card like I did so I included a ton of options for similar studded loafers and mules for under $100 below. (I particularly want these Senso mules and Kenneth Cole loafers myself!)This style of shoe looks business-y and badass all at the same time and a pair of these should be a major staple in your wardrobe if you don't have them already! I also included a ton of camel coats and vinyl trouser styles that I'm loving so get scrolling below and simply click to shop my faves!

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