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For those of you who don't remember my pal Vix Adams (@vix_style) from her Lost in Lala contribution on DIY customized band tees last year, don't worry... I almost forgot myself. Vix is a badass babe who, like most of us, is on the hustle and grind daily but what makes her journey so unique is that she hustles and grinds whilst looking 99% cooler than the rest of us. No offense intended, I'm sure you're super cool. Hell, despite my insecurities, I even think I look relatively cool from time to time. It is just an undeniable fact that Vix is probably, most likely, almost definitely cooler. 

Lucky for us, she has just launched her own hat line called Hat Rats so we can infuse a little piece of Vix's hand-crafted style into our own closets.  If you check out Vix's Instagram, you will immediately concur on her undeniable cool factor and notice her affinity for hats... in fact, I don't think I've ever seen her without one on. Whether they be wide-brimmed, paperboy, bowlers or whatever else she magnificently styles, a hat always tops her uber blonde locks. She's also worked in fashion for 15+ years and been a stylist to some of UK's finest musicians and fashionistas. All of the above ranks my pal an expert-fashionable-hat-aficionado in my books... if that were an actual term. You get the point though... her hats are dope.

A Few of My Hat Rats Faves:

The hat I'm wearing in this post is "The Ranch Rat" and in keeping with its namesake theme, I was inspired to put together a city-slicker version of ranchwear with simple pieces that would ensure my Hat Rats hat was the centerpiece of my look. I dressed up basic black overalls (a major wardrobe staple that I LOVE) with a white lace tee. The lace t-shirt adds a touch more to this stylized look than a plain ol' basic tee. I also opted for cute vintage kitten heels instead of boring sneakers to elevate this casual look. This outfit is still super comfy for a day running errands but a fashionable way to introduce "The Ranch Rat" to city living in LA.

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