Polka dots aren't just for kids! I know it sounds like a bit of a cheesy print because of its associations with "eccentric" grandmas and tots in tutus BUT I'm on a major polka dot kick right now and I'm not the only one.  Polka dots are being spotted (pun intended!) on all sorts of fashion it gals and the more playful you get with your monochromatic look, the better! Something about black and white polka dotted prints gives me major European chic vibes so it's important to infuse your look with elegance and attention to detail reminiscent of high fashion.  You don't have to spend big bucks to do this.  Simply focus on exaggerated, constructed shapes, long, slim lines, bold, exaggerated accessories and of course, spots on spots coordinated ensembles.  Nothing screams high fashion like having the confidence to step outside the box and as you can see from my look and those of a few of my favorite fashion gals below, polka dots can be both elegant and ready-to-wear day or night all at the same time! Though you do have to travel to a tiny island of off Venice, Italy for the crazy, beautiful colorful backdrops I was lucky enough to have for this post, I assure you that your black and white polka dot look will pop no matter where your day takes you!


As I already mentioned, attention to detail is key when crafting your polka dotted looks so balance the optical illusion-esque print with sold monochromatic accessories like shoes, bags, sunnies and belts or actual pieces of the outfit on top or bottom. This print can come across quite busy if there aren't any solid pieces to ground it so choose your spots wisely! I also love mixing white background polka dot prints with black background polka dot prints.  It's a great way to stand out without looking too matchy-matchy.


That's it, that's all really.  This trend is totally fool-proof if you just follow my easy tips and take inspiration from the photos in this post.  Browse through the photos below for some of my wishlist polka dot pieces and click any picture that tickles your fancy to shop the piece!

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