Click this pic to get your own fall box now! Use code 'LALABLOG' at checkout for $10 OFF!!! xo

Click this pic to get your own fall box now! Use code 'LALABLOG' at checkout for $10 OFF!!! xo

FabFitFun Fall Box Breakdown


***DISCLAIMER: The Fall Box is now sold out but you can still use my code LALABLOG at checkout on to get $10 OFF the next available box, The Fall Editor's Box, which features FABFITFUN Editor's picks!!!***



I am so excited to be a #FabFitFunpartner on this post because this seasonal subscription goodie box is a favorite part of my #treatyoself mantra. Life can be tough, stressful, anxiety-provoking and a big ol' whirlwind sometimes so I believe it is crucial to take moments to breathe, pat yourself on the back and treat yourself every now and then. What better way to do that than by signing up to receive a surprise box full of fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle goodies right on your doorstep four times a year?! The convenience of this box alone is a major win because we don't all have time to peruse a million aisles in countless shops to find all the amazing, adorable, 'Oh-My-God-How-Did-I-Live-Without-This-Before' products that exist. Well, how are we meant to find them?! FabFitFun not only makes it easy by handpicking a wide range of lifestyle essentials and delivering them to you, they also make it affordable! Each seasonal box costs you $49.99 but the contents inside are always valued at over $200.  In fact, this Fall Box I'm about to breakdown and review for you is actually valued at over $300! I know, I know, you're over there like, "This thing will save me time and money and bring super cute and helpful gifts to my doorstep every season? Mmm no way, Shenae." But I'm over here like, "Yes way, people. Wipe that skeptical emoji expression off your face. This is real life!" But wait, there's more! If you use my coupon code 'LALABLOG' at, you will receive $10 OFF your first box. That means for only $39.99 you will receive over $300 of the goodness I'm reviewing for you below!!!

What's Inside My Fall Box:

1. Charity Partner: UNICEF
   FabFitFun's charity partner for Fall is UNICEF, an organization that does so much for so many people. The card that comes with the box has a compelling image and information on how to help and where to get more information on the organization and donate if you are interested. This is one of the first things you see when you open the box (which I love) and it is a great reminder of how important it is to give back!

2. Private Party Gym Bag
   This super cute gym bag by Private Party is made of a breathable, lightweight denim material and has comfy, canvas straps. This thing fits SO much stuff making it perfect for the gym. You can pack a change of clothes, your gym shoes, a towel, water bottle, your iPod, etc. Heck, you could probably pack a boombox in there if you wanted to conveniently bypass the gym and head straight to the beach... not that that's what I'm recommending! ;)

3. My Tagalongs Cold/Hot Pack
This cold/hot pack is perfect for recovering after a strenuous workout at the gym... or whatever beach activities had you diving for the win... and the packaging is WAY cuter than your traditional pharmacy gel pack!


4. IMM Living Jewelry Holder
   This petite jewelry holder packs adds a huge punch of style to your vanity so you can stay organized while adding a great accessory to your dressing area!

5. B-Low the Belt Mia Belt
    I'm excited to tell you about this one because it's an even bigger score than I thought when I first opened the box. I thought this belt was great because it was a one size fits most kind of thing and very versatile because you could style it as a hip belt or a high waist belt but I googled how it's actually meant to be worn and it's even better! As a high waist belt, it's can be wrapped around twice, which looks gorgeous and it's inter web price is $108! That means this belt alone is worth almost triple the value of what you will pay for the entire box using my discount code 'LALABLOG' on! #winning


6. Trestique Lip Crayon
     I looove this lip crayon by Trestique because the shade I received (not sure if it's the same in every box) is the perfect dusty rose-ish nude for my everyday makeup look and the texture of the formula makes application perfectly smooth and creamy! The packaging's super cute too!

7. Molr Toothbrush + Tooth Polish
    I was very excited to try this stuff out because I (much like everyone on the interweb) am all up on that charcoal craze. Be warned, it is VERY messy and it doesn't taste minty fresh like your traditional toothpaste but I did notice a brightening of my teeth! Have hand soap and household cleaner at the ready after use because my hands and sink get covered in black powder but maybe you're more coordinated than me!

8. Whish Mud Mask
    This was one of my favorite items in the box because I am a sucker for a mask! The application of this mask is light and soothing and the even glow and smooth texture I had after washing it off made me happy with its results!

9. Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil
    I'm a nail geek and always try to make sure my nails are well maintained. Cuticle oil is a must for a clean, moisturized looking manicure and this light oil does the job well and smells great!

10. Mer Sea Scarf
      Last, but certainly not least is this gorgeous, comfy oversized scarf by Mer Sea. I would be perfectly happy to remain cocooned in this cozy wrap for the rest of time and am so excited to layer looks with it this season!


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