As I'm sure you've gathered, no matter where my travels take me or what trend I'm trying on for size, I've always got a little bit of rock and roll thrown into my personal style. Growing up, I idolized rock legends like Steven Tyler, Lenny Kravitz and Jim Morrison as my fashion icons... I'm  a sucker for a great pair of leather pants or snake print boots. Of course, I'm aware that
I am a young woman living in 2017 and being a fashion enthusiast I've grown passionate for incorporating these core inspirations into contemporary street style trends. Thanks to the likes of celebrity fashion gurus like Rhianna, Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner, streetwear (a ready-to-wear derivative of sportswear) is all the rage these days. I initially covered this trend a year ago in my 'Sporty Spice' post featuring some dope streetwear sets. While I still appreciate the basic trend, I'm excited that I've finally found my way of making it my own by infusing a healthy dose of rock and roll!


As I am truly a lover of all things rock, I pull key trends/pieces/looks that fascinate and inspire me from many different eras and facets of rock when putting together my looks. I've found this witchy, wicked take on streetwear by injecting a mashup of goth, punk rock, rockabilly and whatever else I love into basic on-trend outfits like this dope Adidas dress.

While I obviously encourage you to find your own take on streetwear that makes you comfortable and screams 'YOU' to the world walking by, I've rounded up some of my wishlist items that can recreate this looks identically or similarly in the slideshow below! Just click the image to shop!

Shop My Wishlist // Streetwear Meets Rock n' Roll


The easiest and most successful way to create this spinoff of the streetwear trend is focusing your rock influence on the details. I've accessorized my Adidas dress with some classic punk footwear and a rockabilly head or neck scarf.  A simple swipe of bright red or deep purple lip color and some heavy metal jewelry can finish off your look as you head out the door!