In case you are late to the picnic party, gingham is not just meant for napkins, blankets and Dorothy anymore. These days, there's no print like gingham! The checkered pattern is most popular amongst fashion know-it-alls in black and white and with its simple palette, the busy pattern actually acts like a neutral and pairs as well with monochromatic looks as it does with pops of color and other prints! While gingham really became all the rage for summer, I have a funny feeling fashion lovers aren't done with it just yet and I'm eager to see how designers transition the trend into fall. My current must have is pair of high waisted checkered trousers.  I'm a jeans and tee gal so I find interesting pants add an immediate does of unique style to otherwise simple outfits. I also already snagged up a pair of gingham mary-jane shoes and a blazer/jacket that look uber Harajuku-cute when worn together but are also just great staples worn separately. 

I'm not the only one obsessing over this retro style gone rogue.  Fashion's most stylish celebrity seem head over heels for it, too. In fact, Bella Hadid was spotted wearing the same gingham heels as me not too long ago!

If famous celebrity models aren't enough to convince you to try this trend on for size, these adorable bloggers have rocked gingham in their own individual ways showing everyone can find a way to make this print their own.  Whether your take be Parisian flair, city prep or grunge rocker these girls show how easy it is to add an instant dose of chic with this simple statement trend! 

There's no denying how sharp this print looks on just about everyone and there's no denying that it can be worn in too many different ways to count so why deny yourself from indulging and trying this trend on for size?  I've rounded up some of my favorite gingham pieces below...

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