I have spent years spending a ridiculous amount of money on sunglasses that I broke or lost within the first couple times wearing them.  Never mind the fact that most of these huge brand name designers manufacture their glasses in the same factories and in the same way as cheap knockoffs.  After the umpteenth pair lost/broken, I vowed to never spend more than $20 on a pair of sunnies much to my eyes despair.  Bad call, kids!  Cheap sunglasses are cheap because they literally do nothing to protect and more often than not, even shade your eyeballs from the sun’s damaging UV rays and bright glare.  

I’m a grown up meaning I’m totally and completely responsible for myself and for my future and while I am all for saving a buck where I can, I also know it’s important to spend them where it counts.  Having healthy eyes is something I value and would never want to jeopardize for some silly style mistake so my new vow when it comes to stylish sunnies is eye health has to be a priority.  I’ve just discovered a brand that has a wide variety of my favorite shapes and styles of sunglasses but is also all about the impressive technology behind the lenses.  Maui Jim’s technology enhances how wearers see the world and protects the eyes they see it with!  Basically the world looks better and feels better through Maui Jim shades. 

Their PolarizedPlus2 technology has four major benefits: nearly 100% glare elimination, color enhancement, 100% protection against UV radiation and hardcore durability. Their scratch resistant, water- and oil-proof styles will do their best to withstand any and all summertime lifestyle and activities making them ideal for me this summer.  Between hiking desert hills and beach days in Malibu, I need sunglasses that can hold up on my summer adventures while keeping my eyes safe.  My favorite benefit is definitely the color enhancement though.  You’re basically literally seeing the world through rose-colored glasses whether you opt for their rose, grey, bronze or green tinted lenses. 

My favorite Maui Jim styles are the ‘Pilot’ Aviators and the ‘Summer Time’ Cat Eyes but they have shapes and styles for every face shape and preference! 

Do your future self a favor and invest in some sunglasses that are cute and actually serve their purpose this summer!  Our eyes let us see all the beauty that the world has to offer so choose how you want to see it this sunny season for the sake of all the sunny seasons to come!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Maui Jim. The opinions and text are all mine.