For those of you who haven't gathered from my social media outpouring, first of all kudos for not being as addicted to the Insta-life as the rest of us (totally guilty over here!) and secondly, I'm living in Toronto for a few months this Spring/Summer while I film a new TV show! (More details to come on my new gig in the 'Two Cents' section of the blog in the next couple of weeks!) City living brings on a whole new world of style that I rarely get to explore in LA.  One eternal season doesn't lend to lots of variety or layers so I'm taking full advantage of the temperamental temperature while on the East Coast.  And what better way to kick off Spring street style in "The 6" than by donning a Canadian tuxedo in a graffiti adorned alleyway?!  While summer did hit for about 48 hours, cool Spring temps and occasional downpours are in pretty full effect here in Toronto.  While I wouldn't recommend wet denim to anyone, a dope denim jacket makes the perfect transitional jacket when skies are blue and the breeze is blowing!

I styled my denim on denim look with blue boyfriend jeans and an oversized black denim jacket.  Contrasting colors ensure you don't end up looking too 90s cheeseball and won't overpower your frame with one solid head-to-toe shade.  To make the look pop, it's all in the details with some bold, stylized accessories.  My Adidas Stan Smith sneakers bring some classic flavor and OG swag while also lending to necessary comfort when roaming the city streets on foot all day.  A cool pin (or two or three) adds a personalized touch to a simple denim jacket and can be interchangeable over time as your tastes change.  Every East Coaster loves a beanie and Spring is your last chance to wear one before the summer humidity rolls in hot.  Last but definitely not least, choose a bold colored shade to add the perfect dose of off-the-wall color so your Canadian tuxedo is anything but basic!