Spring has officially sprung and that means it’s time to clean out your closets and update your beauty routine.  Like most women, I love to change my hair seasonally… its the best accessory we have!  Complimenting your seasonal wardrobe with the right hair style and color is all part of the fun of welcoming the changing climate!  After years of damaging my hair with heat and color, I’ve been trying to stick to my roots, literally and embrace the dark locks my mama gave me but a girl just wants to have fun sometimes!  Lucky for me, my best friend is a hairdresser and when I say I just want half an inch off or a subtle change, he actually listens and cares about the health of my hair.  

Said bestie, Amaran (@saintasylum) came over the other day to add a few light brown highlights to the top layers of my hair.  By doing this, he aimed to brighten my overall look but save my entire head of hair from being fried and damaged.  He balayaged strategic pieces throughout the top layers that blended into my natural roots for low maintenance.  He then toned everything down to a warm light-medium brown to blend the highlights naturally with my existing much darker brown tones.  In addition to the love and care Amaran puts into my hair when he colors it and of course, the epic job he always does, the best part about having your best friend do your hair is the laughter throughout the process!  

As we all know, a crucial part of coloring and lightening your hair is after care.  Bleach affects the porosity and elasticity in your hair… fancy words that in short mean it makes it more difficult for your hair to hang on to moisture it absorbs.  How to help counter the effects of coloring/bleaching your hair?  Add lots of moisture, avoid sulfates and parabens and minimize the frequency of shampooing your hair!  Using a gentle shampoo and protein-rich conditioner are musts when washing colored locks and bonus points for products that aim to protect color so you can leave longer stretches of time between salon visits! Just like you feed your body with nutritious, delicious ingredients, you hair is also hungry for nourishment, which is why I choose Hair Food Sulfate Free Color Protect Shampoo + Conditioner to satisfy my color-treated hair’s needs.  The shampoo’s antioxidants prevent protein loss, and while the amino acids in the conditioner help protect overall hair health, the formula is free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, gluten, mineral oils and dyes. 

In between washes, I rely on Hair Food Color Protect Dry Shampoo to keep my hair looking and smelling as fresh as the fruits that the fragrances are inspired by.  It also goes without saying that using heat on bleached hair is a no-no so let the summer air work it’s magic and let your inner beach bum shine through to keep hair shiny and healthy!  Enjoy lightening your locks for summer without the stresses of damage and upkeep with Hair Food Color Protect collections available at!  

Thank you Hair Food for partnering on this post!