All year I’ve been posting about my efforts to engage in #newyearnewyou resolutions that I enjoy and can therefore maintain year round!  From pampering to positive thinking and of course, great eating, I’ve tried to give myself a 360 overhaul this year in minor, manageable ways.  Of course while I’ve been so wrapped up in bettering myself, this silly dog mama had forgotten to treat my precious pup Frankenstein to some of her own 2017 upgrades.  Frank LOVES food.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  She likes to play, is a great sleeper and a bit of a fan of me and her dad but nothing has Frankie’s heart like food.  For a tiny terrier, she seems to have a bottomless stomach!

If you have a pet, I’m sure understand when I refer to myself as Frankie’s mom.  The care, concern and love I have for my pet is best explained by the comparison of a parent’s love for their child.  There is really nothing I wouldn’t do to improve my little furball’s quality of life.  Keeping Frankie happy and healthy is a top priority in my household and since food is her top priority, I thought it was a great place to start for her 2017 upgrades.  When thinking of how to improve Frankie’s quality of life, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to eat the same thing for breakfast and dinner every single day and immediately felt bad. It sounds silly but for a pup that loves food so much, I was overcome with guilt for feeding her the same boring dry food for each and every meal.  As I racked my brain for a nutritious alternative that was more exciting and satisfying for my girl, I discovered Freshpet.  

Freshpet is a refrigerated and all natural pet food made with fresh ingredients just like a meal you’d make for yourself and as you can see by Frankie's reaction post-meal, it is lip licking good!  Now I can prepare a delicious unique meal for my husband and I guilt-free while Frankie chows down on her own favorite new meal!  It’s just like making your own home cooked meal for your pooch without the extra cooking time added to your day!  Freshpet never uses artificial or chemical preservatives or any other mysterious ingredients that some pet food brands like to throw into the mix.  What you see is really what you get and that includes real chicken and vegetables that your pet will go bananas for!  If your dog’s anything like mine they will be ecstatic just at the smell of this fresh food in their bowl and will give you lots of love and appreciation in return for their natural, nutritious meal.  As a pet owner, love from your furry child is the best thing you could ever ask for so do your pet and yourself a favor and pick up some Freshet ASAP!

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