Since spring has officially sprung and warmer weather is on its way, I thought I’d do one last post dedicated to my favorite thing about fall/winter: LAYERS! There’s nothing I miss more about living on the east coast than getting to layer up different textures and prints and pack on cozy knits in cooler months… slight exaggeration; I obviously miss my family more than layered clothing but apart from them, the clothing does take a close second!   

For my last layered look, I combined a couple of my favorite bold prints leopard and red plaid.  I wanted to highlight these faves to show how loud patterns can blend well and remain cohesive if done right.  I paired the printed pieces with a black canvas of jeans and a long sleeve and heavy metal black accessories.  This allows the prints to pop while remaining versatile and wearable!  

While this is a layered look full of warmer fabrics, the same rules apply when taking this print-on-print trend into summer.  As long as you balance your look with neutrals like white, nude, grey or black, you can have fun pairing different patterns without looking like a crazy cat lady! Weather it’s paisley and polka dots (two more favorite prints of mine) or floral and black and white stripes, the combinations are boundless so play around, try things you wouldn’t typically think would “go together” and create some statement outfits without looking over-the-top!  

Shop through the gallery below for my recommendations of some amazing prints and solid basics to help you recreate this look at home! xo

Shenae Beech2 Comments