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The buzz of Oscar Night is still in the air as well as the images from the red carpet full of gorgeous stars and starlets!  As movie-goers, I think the biggest night in Hollywood is one to celebrate yourself and I’ve got all the decor tips and recipes you’ll need for an Oscar Night viewing party for next year that’s sure to steal the spotlight!  Of course, hosting any gathering can be exhausting!  Prepping all the food so it’s hot and ready and presented beautifully for guests can be stressful and it always feels like you’re running around taking care of final decorating touches right up until that first knock on the door.  The reward of filling guests’ bellies and memory banks with a wonderful evening is well worth every moment, but make no mistake, it can be hard work!  With my fool proof party tutorial, you’ll have no problems but I also want to make sure you take some “me time” beforehand to feel cool, comfortable and confident as you host your Oscar Night soiree.  Feeling beautiful and pampered is part of the fun of celebrating the Oscars and StyleWatch magazine has all the right tips and tricks to cover you in this month’s issue.  I pulled some of my favorite beauty musts to prep for a viewing party fit for the stars.  Ensure you bring the glitz and glamour to your home on the big night and award yourself with this “me time” routine before the party prep begins…

1.  Skin Prep: At the beginning of the New Year, I talked bathroom busts and the importance of finding the right skincare routine to meet your skin’s needs.  StyleWatch compiled a great list of drugstore cleansers to suit any concerns or issues your skin may have.  Adding moisture back into your skin is vital after cleansing, especially before applying a full face of makeup for the festivities.  Focusing on my calming needs, I picked up a few suggested moisturizing products to battle my skin’s natural redness.  Remember, ensure you use the right moisturizer for your skin!

2.  With so many great makeup ideas in this month’s issue, it was hard to decide what look to do on myself! I opted to go for a makeup tip inspired by a recent red carpet appearance by Hailee Steinfeld.  The look was executed brilliantly on Hailee and I couldn’t resist trying it myself to bring some sultry glamor to my Oscar Night celebration.

3.  Who has time to wash and dry their hair before styling when there’s a million other things to take care of before guests arrive?!  Luckily, StyleWatch has tips on skipping the wash and recommendations for products that help lock in natural oils, salts and texture to create the perfect base for many different hairstyles!

4.  When hosting a party, a low-maintenance hairstyle that will wear well as you bustle around throughout the night is a must!  Something soft and loose is your best bet to last the entire evening and will look gorgeous with whatever red carpet-worthy dress you choose.  Just remember that you want it to look intentionally messy, not sloppy!

5.  When it comes to Oscar Night outfits, monochromatic gowns usually take center stage.  While I normally stick to black dresses when hitting the red carpet, I thought I’d step outside my comfort zone and compliment the burgundy shade in my makeup with a forest green dress I’ve had in my closet for years.  Soft, pretty and a strong monochromatic color had me feeling all Emma Stone-like… mission accomplished, I’d say!  

  Thanks for the inspiration, StyleWatch!  Head to your local Kroger store to pick up this month’s issue of StyleWatch, InStyle or People for some great tips and inspiration photos for the “me time” routine I outlined above and don’t forget to download this coupon before you go to save some moolah!  


If you are planning on watching the Oscar’s at home with your spouse or friends and want to participate in the celebration, be sure to check out my viewing party tutorial here!  Let me know how you plan on celebrating the big night and what your winner predictions are in the comment section below!

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