With years of styling and processing my hair under my belt, it should come as no surprise that I suffer from thinning and breakage but that doesn’t make it any easier to accept!  I have noticed for years that the face framing pieces I applied the most heat to over the years are thinning out and not growing at the same rate as the rest of my hair.  I try to use heat on my hair as little as possible but a career in front of the camera makes it unavoidable at times.  While varying the placement of my part was a temporary fix for hiding my problem areas, I was in dire need of a long term solution!  I needed to find a way to repair the health of my hair from the root down if I was going to eliminate my issues and simply couldn’t bear the thought of letting those issues worsen even more over time.  I tried different products and at-home methods solve my dilemma but nothing truly worked… until now.  I was so excited when Aveda asked me to partner with them and try my new secret weapon!  Now I can only share this secret with you if you promise to tell everyone… my new secret weapon for stronger hair is the Invati™ System from Aveda!  This three-step regimen will give you the tools you need for the thicker, fuller, healthier locks that we all want.  Don’t keep this secret from your friends.  Everyone deserves to see their hair flourish to its full potential so let the ladies in your life in on this one. Aveda even has a line for the men in your life, too, it’s called invati men™.

Step 1 - Exfoliating Shampoo

            This first step is vital in setting yourself up for healthy, fuller hair.  Exfoliating your scalp is key in cleansing the scalp from all of the environmental factors and hair products that can clog pores.  The skin on your scalp, much like the skin on your face needs to renew its cells and get a deep cleanse every now and again for your hair to thrive so exfoliating is important!   I’ve read everywhere that shampooing is a golden opportunity to give yourself a scalp massage to stimulate microcirculation. 

Step 2 - Thickening Conditioner

            Conditioning your hair keeps it soft, smooth and beautiful but more importantly, it’s a crucial step in minimizing breakage.  This conditioner uses soy proteins and naturally derived amino acids to mimic hair’s building blocks to thicken and strengthen from the inside out.  The formula also conditions hair weightlessly to keep your hair from pulling down from the root and causing more damage in the long run!  Normally you start conditioning hair a few inches off of the root to keep conditioners from blocking your pores but this conditioner should be massaged into your hair and scalp to ensure it is working its way into each strand!

Step 3 - Scalp Revitalizer

            This step is the icing on the cake to “help keep the hair you have longer”.  Sounds good to me!  I’ve had thick hair since I was a child and have been shocked to see the hair that frames my face thinning as I’ve gotten older.  I’m sure it’s a combination of the natural effects of aging as well as all of the processing and heat damage I’ve done to my hair over the years.  This step is crucial to help keep hair healthy and not prematurely shedding!  Apply this step twice a day to damp or dry hair by lifting your hair to expose your scalp and spraying directly onto your scalp about sixteen times to cover your head.  Massage the spray gently into your scalp and let it do its thing!

Stay consistent with the regimen to see the full effects of the Invati™ System.  Use the products in the shower, at the gym or while you’re getting ready to go out for the day or night.  You can even grab the travel-size system if you’re heading out of town so your regimen doesn’t get interrupted by life on-the-go!  My hair hasn’t felt this strong and thick for years so if those are attributes you’re seeking for your hair, search no further… your new secret weapon is here!  Be sure to share the secret with your friends and share your Invati™ experience with me in the comment section below and by tagging me and @Aveda in your after pics on social media!  

This post was sponsored by Aveda, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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