When I think of Valentine's Day "romance", I instantly see the colors red and pink flashing vibrantly in my mind. When I think of Valentine's Day "sexy", I instantly see as little fabric as physically possible. Note to readers: None of the above are things I am comfortable with. While I love fashion and beauty, I would say my style definitely falls somewhere on the spectrum of tomboy most days and you'd be pushed to find a stitch of color in my wardrobe of black and other neutrals. 

As you can imagine, when trying to turn up the romance for my better half on Valentine's, the struggle was real in my mind. How can I be my own version of sexy without feeling completely uncomfortable and silly?! Well, the trick to sexy is confidence and the trick to confidence is being comfortable in your own skin so ultimately appearing "sexy" is all down to how you feel. What makes me feel comfortable? A decent amount of coverage and a whole lotta black. What makes me confident? A good fit and a little cheeky lace. So, what makes me feel sexy? A black lacy lingerie number that cuts and covers in all the right places to flatter my shape? Sounds pretty damn sexy to me and well within my comfort zone to boot. Maybe this Valentine's thing doesn't have to be so daunting after all!

Whether you're a bit of a tomboy like myself, a pretty in pink girly girl or a retro va-va-voom kind of lady, there's something for everyone in their collection… including fitI picked up the Chrystalle Longline Underwire Bra and matching Chrystalle Bikini bottoms to make me feel confident and sexy!

With Wacoal covering Valentine's Day "sexy", here is a quick list of tips for Valentine's Day "romance":

  1. Candles: It sounds simple and cliché but candles provide undeniable ambient lighting that can't be beat. Bonus points for choosing candles that melt with scents you know your partner loves!
  2. Food: It is a tried and true mantra that the way to most people's hearts is through their stomachs so prepare some of their favorite bites for an evening in or pick a favorite restaurant for a night out. If you want a healthy, delicious dessert idea that is full of fun aphrodisiac flavors, try my Chile-Chocolate Covered Strawberries!
  3. Music: Now, I'm not talking cheeseball Marvin Gaye (unless it's your spouse's favorite!) but a personalized playlist full of some sweet tunes you guys have enjoyed together in the past can create the perfect soundtrack to your evening as you reminisce about fond memories and create new ones!
  4. Fun & Games: Laughter is the secret to long lasting love, ask any couple who has been together for decades! Laughing and sharing a friendship that holds strong through thick and thin is the most important component to a happy and healthy relationship so remember to play! Play a game or dance in the middle of the living room or do whatever silly thing you can come up with to get each other laughing and having fun. Sexy and romantic doesn't have to be serious!

These tips are quick and simple but are surefire ways to amplify the romance on your Valentine's Day evening and as I said before, Wacoal is guaranteed to have your sexy covered no matter what your preferences are! Just bring the confidence, thoughtfulness and laughter and you'll have an evening to remember with your better half. My Chrystalle tank-style bra and full coverage bottoms were the perfect choice for my body and taste, let me know what makes you feel confident and sexy in the comment section below! 

Shop the Chrystalle style HERE and be sure to check out the rest of Wacoal’s website! 

Sponsored by Wacoal, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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