Summer is over people and while I know that means the cold is coming for many people, it ain't here yet so wipe those tears and frolic your way into Fall with me! I am an October baby and a Halloween aficionado so perhaps I'm a tad biased but I really believe that Fall is the best time of year to get outdoors! Something about the soft bite of crisp Fall air, the nostalgic scents reminiscent of hot apple pie baking in the oven and the warmth that envelops you as the leaves fall from the trees overwhelms me with fuzzy feelings. If you didn't feel the same before, I hope that elaborate sentence helped get ya one step closer! 

While LA sadly isn't known for its parks strewn with multicolored Fall leaves, it is known for its sprawling space. Obviously not by comparison to many places, but compared to other cities I've lived in (New York and Toronto), it's got space in heaps. If you've read some of my previous posts like New Home, Like-New Shoes or Party Tutorial: Elegant Housewarming then you know, this is my first year in my new home and I am mega house-proud in my own "Domestic Badass" way. I love decorating my home and I believe that any outdoor space you're lucky enough to have should be utilized as an extension of your living environment. Who needs walls when you're surrounded by the most beautiful art every created, nature!


Being a homemaker doesn't mean you have to own a home, it doesn't mean you have to be traditional and it sure as hell doesn't mean you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to create a beautiful space. Your home should be your own personal sanctuary and personal touches paired with staple pieces that will last for years to come is the key! I have decked my house out in my own version of a modern industrial meets rustic mashup with a kick of rock and roll flair. Yes, those are skulls everywhere. But don't they look badass and chic?

When planning and decorating my outdoor space, I wanted a design strategy that would maximize my usage of the space. Naturally, I turned to the same amazing online furniture retailer that I've used to decorate a vast majority of my indoor space, Wayfair. Not only do they have every item you could dream of but they have affordable items to meets any budget and their shipping is super fast and free! We have a small hot/cool tub because in LA's 110 degree summer heat, it's a big win. (Before we lived here, we had an inflatable pool from Target in any outdoor space we had and it was a lifesaver on many occasions. True story.) I wanted to create a nice lounge area to lay out and catch some rays with a good book. Keeping with my modern industrial meets rustic taste, I opted for brown wicker chaise lounge chairs and concrete side tables. I continued the same color palette in my couch/coffee table area with a wicker table and couch/chair set with stone grey cushions to pull in the grey from the concrete side tables and paver patio on which the sectional set sits. (Note: This set was a bit of an investment but a sectional set provides great bang for your buck because you can arrange the individual pieces to meet your needs for the space and buying everything you want individually is way more expensive!) This area is perfect for entertaining guests and relaxing as the day winds down!
I also wanted a dining area because we love to BBQ and I situated it nearest to the doors for easy access to and from the kitchen inside. Now this space doubles as a great dining space for entertaining guests and where I get most of my blogging done whilst enjoying the fresh air because it's close enough to catch the WiFi signal! I really wanted a concrete dining table that was safe for outdoor use to complement the wooden deck area and I hit the jackpot with this piece. I searched far and wide and they're really hard to find but Wayfair literally seems to have all the answers for your outdoor furniture needs! I chose basic black metal outdoor dining chairs to amp up the modern industrial vibe that I love because they're gorgeous, durable and most importantly affordable. The table is definitely an investment piece because for whatever reason, even though concrete is an inexpensive material, concrete furniture is never cheap. It did occur to me to try and DIY the table (I bought the materials from Home Depot and everything, which I later returned once I found this gem) but concrete is a massive undertaking to get right and incredibly heavy if it isn't mixed with other lightweight materials so whatever disaster I ended up with would have probably demolished my deck.

Below, I will list direct links to the exact items I have decorated my backyard with from Wayfair! If some of these items are out of your budget but you like this aesthetic, do not fret! I typically decorate on a far tighter budget than this and am an expert online window shopper so I've compiled a list of similar items from Wayfair as well! Hope this post has inspired you to get outside and make the most of your outdoor space this Fall!!! Let me know in the comments below! xo


My Backyard Makeover Items

Similar Budget-Friendly Items