It is well and truly Fall and I couldn't be happier about it! When getting ready for day or night, it's finally the time of year when it's acceptable to play up the drama 24/7 with a versatile vampy makeup look! Since this isn't a year round everyday makeup look, it certainly not one I wanted to spend too much money on but I found some drugstore scores that applied the look I wanted beautifully. For a full list of products, you can watch my full Fall Drugstore Makeup Tutorial on my Youtube channel

At the end of my Fall Drugstore Makeup Tutorial, I quickly broke down three easy hairstyle that compliment this makeup look beautifully. The key with these hairstyles is that they aim to highlight the work you've put in to achieving this beautiful dramatic makeup.  Anything to busy with your hair will only distract from your makeup and create a look that is just a bit much.

Look 1 - Teased Out Top Knot

I love a top knot. It's easy. It's cute. It's my go-to throw it up and head out hairstyle. BUT this makeup look is chic and sophisticated so a little oomph needs to be added to make your top knot glamorously suit those vampy lips and eyes. 

Step 1: Section off hair with clips or ties into 5 sections.
          The first and most important section is a 3 inch wide mohawk running from your face to however far back you want your top knot to sit. The second and third are the face framing section from the mohawk section to your ears. These should be sectioned off from about 2 inches back from your face. The last sections can be one section is your hair is long enough, mine isn't so I just split it down the back and create pigtails with the rest of my hair because these are the areas I won't be teasing.

Step 2: Tease away!
          Start your teasing at the the back end of your mohawk. You can use a comb but the best tool for teasing in my opinion is a teasing brush (you can find them anywhere online or in beauty supply stores). One inch layer by one in layer, I tease out and add a little bit of hairspray spray as a move forward towards my face.  The end result will look nuts but we'll tame it in the next step. Then simply repeat the teasing step with your two face framing sections.

Step 3: Knot it up top!
         Remove any clip or ties holding the remaining portion of your hair. Gently pull all of your hair up to collect at the upper crown of your head. Using your teasing brush or your fingers, gently brush all face framing hair backwards toward your pony so that it sits nicely, eliminating any frizz but maintaining volume. You want the top section to be the most voluminous and the sides to be tighter to your head. Twist the ponytail of hair that you are left holding until it wraps around itself into a bun and fasten with bobby pins or an elastic or simply go nuts and do your own go-to top knot thing.  I go with the latter because it's messier and I love me some messy hair.

Step 4: Add extra volume and eliminate any visible partings
         Using the thin pointy back of a comb, a chopstick, a pencil or whatever you have lying around that is that thin, long shape to add any extra volume you want that may have been lost in the knotting and tying process. Make sure no hair partings are visible by simply lightly brushing from your face towards your topknot with your teasing brush or fingers.  You want all hair move up and back in one seamless teased out motion!

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 12.02.53 PM.jpg

Look 2 - Loose Low Bun

This is the more effortless look of the bunch. Literally just part your hair where you like it, pull it all loosely back to the nape of your neck and fasten into a messy bun with an elastic or bobby pins. Then pull out little pieces right in front of your ears and one or two pieces around your face. Add slightly bend in those pieces with a straightener or curling iron and pull them out immediately after contact with heat so they don't end up too curly!

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 12.03.18 PM.jpg

Look 3 - Straight-ish With Slight Face-Framing Bend

Step 1: Straighten those locks!
         Separate hair into 2-3 layers and get straightening. I prefer to do this super quickly and not fussing too much over getting it pin straight because I like a little movement in my hair even when I'm going for a more straight look.  

Step 2: Add face-framing bend
         Simply pull out the hair on either side of your parting from your face/hairline until about 1-2 inches back from your face and go over them with your straightener, turning your straightener 90 degrees in a backwards motion at eye level and carry on down to the end of your hair holding your hand in that place. You should end up with a bend that highlights those pretty plum eyes!

Step 3: Add volume at the root (Optional)
Feel free to tease at the root along your parting line or using a product like dry shampoo or lifting dust/gel to add a little oomph to your look. You can see my favorite products for adding volume towards the end of my Beach Waves Hair Tutorial.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 12.04.21 PM.jpg