As fall approaches, you may notice the men around you preparing their facial fur blankets.  Beards are kinda like the human male's version of hibernation.  Whether it's to keep their mugs warm or to accessorize their plaid shirts and knit sweaters, its nature and we gotta let 'em do their manly lumberjack thang when the cold season creeps up.  Yes, we must suffer for it along the way but hey, they do look cute!  Beard burn is real, people.  So real that when I first met my husband and had a weeklong makeout session with few breaks for air, I actually developed scabs on my chin and the tip of my nose from how raw his stubble made my skin.  Well worth it but damn, that shit hurt and didn't look so cute either!  Since that week, my lovely husband has endured endless cuts and irritated skin himself from shaving every other day just to keep my skin happy.  Things took a turn for the rough scruff again recently when a job came up that required him to grow out his facial hair and this time I was not going to let my face fall victim to it.  I love kissing my man but while he's looking all cool and bearded and loving life, I'm looking like a red, broken out mess and suffering from irritation and pain.  Since no kissing is simply not an option because with or without the beard, he's so damn kissable, I took to my trusty pantry to see what I could do.  Et voila!  See below for a his and hers combo solution that works wonders for everyone involved!

HIS - Beard Oil


15ml Hemp Seed Oil

15ml Coconut Oil

drops Eucalyptus Oil

3 drops Tea Tree Oil

drops Cedarwood Oil

Beaker/Syringe, for measuring

Bottle, for combining and storing


Measure hemp seed and coconut oil with a beaker or syringe and pour into bottle.  

Pour drops of all essential oils directly into bottle.  

Give a really good shake and your man is good to go to apply directly on his scruff.

HERS - Calming Mask


1/2 cup Oats

1/4 cup Chamomile Tea, strongly brewed

2 tbsp Honey (Manuka honey, if you have it)

1 tsp baking soda


Boil water and strongly brew 1/4 cup of tea.  This may take about ten minutes since chamomile is such a light tea naturally.

While your tea is steeping, combine oats, baking soda and honey in a bowl.  Once tea is finished, discard teabag and pour tea into bowl one tablespoon at a time so the mask isn't runny but isn't too dry.  

Apply to your face and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off... Do this in a robe or in the shower as it is quite a sloppy mask but the calming and moisturizing components will be well worth the mess for the relief your face gets!