I feel like military is something that gets super cool and then gets super lame in constant rotation and I'm not sure where on the pendulum it falls at this very moment.  Good thing I don't care either!  I am loving this Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club vibe for fall.  Now, I'm not talking about army green coats that were EVERYWHERE last fall... which I do love and probably have at least ten off because when I commit to a vibe, I commit hard... I'm talking stand out, buttoned up, gentlemen's kind of military.  Embellished embroidery, double breasted buttons and hell, if I can find it, even tails!  

Perhaps it's the tomboy in me but I'll tell you, nothing makes me feel more like a lady than incorporating fancy men's garb into my attire.  There is something super sexy about a tight fitted men's-inspired jacket and hat.  Bonus points to this trend for also making the laziest jeans and t-shirt outfit look polished and plain hot!

You know those Erin Wasson-y type of chicks that just ooze effortless cool and sex appeal?  Yup.  Me too because real talk, we all want to be one.  Well, this is one of those looks that can help you achieve that same badass, don't need to have my boobs on display, zero f*cks to give 'cause ya, I'm just this hot vibe.  Of course the biggest component of completing this look is confidence, which unfortunately you can't acquire with the click of a button and a credit card...  Sidenote: How much easier would life be if you could?!...  So it's up to us ladies and we all have it in us.  Time to get those figurative balls in tact and stand at attention this fall with military garb!  

Same or similar pieces from my suited and booted look from head to toe: