The English are undeniably cool. From music and fashion to ‘British humour' and an endless list of high-caliber acting exports, this tiny country’s influence on worldwide pop culture has been and continues to be formidable.  English culture has played a significant role in trendsetting entire eras as ubiquitous as punk thanks to the likes of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood.  Styles helmed from across the pond have been recycled in pop culture trends for decades of cyclical fashion seasons. With fall at the doorstep, it’s time to stow away your sundresses and establish some staples to keep you feeling warm and looking cool.  Where better to takes notes from than this iconically stylish country that exists nearly year round under grey clouds?  Fashion for cooler temperatures is what Brits do best… or for all intended pun-purposes, the coolest.  

Here is a round-up of fall staples plucked from the wardrobes of Brit style icons of today that you can incorporate into your own this season… if only we could buy their accents too!

Black Leather Chelsea Boots - Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham

For a sleek boot that can take your look from day to night and keep your tootsies warm while looking ultra cool, follow in the footsteps of two of Britain's most prominent fashion icons! 

Doc Marten Boots - Ellie Goulding, FKA Twigs

Dr. Martens is an iconic English brand known for its iconic modified army boot that has been around for decades and is beloved by the edgy style icons of today!

Newsboy Cap - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Suki Waterhouse

Please, sir I want some more... newsboy caps in my life because these chic socialites make 'em look so good!

Oversized Flight Jacket - Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley

Before buying your oversized flight jacket new, dig through your pops' closet because I can almost guarantee he has one collecting dust back there.  My stepdad still sports his every winter so I may have to head to a local vintage shop to get one this fall... unless he decides to hand his down to me! Hint, hint if you're reading, Dunc! ;)

Faux Shag Coat - Rita Ora, Poppy Delevingne

Groovy baby!  These shagadelic coats may remind you of a 60s rug but they are not worn by women you can walk all over.  Be brave and bold and try one of these bad boys on this fall, you fashionista flavor surely won't go unnoticed!

Traditional Wool Overcoat - Florence Welch, Cara Delevingne

This is a traditional and timeless piece that you will have in your wardrobe until it falls apart because you can throw it over absolutely any outfit.  Stay chic and toasty all over.  Perfect to pair with trousers or jeans but also a great coverup for a fall dress!

Preppy Layers - Sienna Miller, Emma Watson

The true sign of great style is wearing something simple and still standing out.  A button down underneath a cute knit sweater is easy in theory but you've got to turn up the swag with beauty and accessories to make it pop!

Whack these key pieces into your wardrobe along with a good scarf and jeans and you are good to go until the new year!  Thanks for the tips Brits!

VanityShenae Beech