As I hope you can tell, I am not nine months pregnant, was not nine months pregnant... or even a little bit pregnant, so I am definitely not talking about that kind of labor. (Ah!) I'm talking about that ol' saying... you shouldn't wear white after labor day! The origin of this fashion rule of thumb comes from a day celebrating the labor force that quickly became a marker for the unofficial end of summer.  Schools and sports would resume in and around Labor Day weekend, folks taking their summer holiday would head back to work, etc.  Basically, what I'm getting at is there's no legitimate basis for this age old "rule" and hey, thanks to global warming who even knows where seasons begin or end these days?! ... er sorry, not that kinda blog. I'll leave that to Leo, back to the superficial stuff... etiquette shmetiquette!  I'm here to encourage you to break this sacred fashion rule, channel your inner Diddy and rock all white ensembles all September long. 

Just because white is typically worn during summer doesn't mean you need to wear this monochromatic color code in only summer styles.  Cooler temperatures are inevitably creeping in quick so take a note from Gigi Hadid and sport a white overcoat to finish the look and keep you warm! If you live in a place where summer sun is still shining, a light bomber like mine or an airy knit like Bella's and full length jeans can be make the perfect transitional outfit!  Sidenote: What better color to make your summer glow pop?!  I mean, it really just makes perfect sense to wear all white after you've gotten your tan on for two months straight and stocked up on "summer whites" at all the Labor Day sales!

PS Click link here for the perfect faux summer glow products and tips if you loaded up on sunblock this season like me.

FYI I'm normally in head to toe black so an all white look felt quite daunting to me when choosing an outfit for this post.  Instead of trying to channel some preppy tennis-playing girly girl that is nowhere to be found inside of me, I simply swapped every black item I normally choose for the same item in white and it worked!  White ripped jeans, white tee, white bomber, white sneakers and bam... an all white ensemble I was comfortable in and will definitely wear again! 

Click Pic Below to Get the Look!