I know I'm not exactly ancient but "old" is relative and as I near my 27th birthday, I'm feeling it kids.  I'm also feeling a little bit of monotony in my days and I'm not a big fan of that feeling.  I like new, exciting, challenging, eye-opening, intimidating, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, educational, beautiful... ya know, all that good stuff life has to offer around every corner.  Note, monotonous is nowhere to be seen on that long list of lovely adjectives.  Now, don't get me wrong, monotonous is far from negative.  It's not horrendous or terrifying or heartbreaking or even boring... it's just desiring a little somethin' somethin'.  When we're here, it's easy to sit in the monotony waiting for life to present you with that somethin' something' but the more we sit in it and the more we wait, the less likely it is to come.  So, because I am feeling this way and a child of the 90s, my current mantra is spice up your own damn life! 

It's so easy to let months, years, lifetimes go by saying "I would love to be able to..." and "I wish I could..." without ever taking charge and making those aspirations a reality.  I know hobbies may seem insignificant compared to the responsibilities of work, relationships, parenthood, etc. but they are food for the soul.  Hobbies enrich your existence and add to the wealth of things that make you the special, unique you that you are.  The older you get, the harder it is to find time to squeeze hobbies into our growing mountain of duties but when you carve an extra hour into your weekly schedule for them, you can't imagine your weeks without 'em.  I also think timing and scheduling is the easiest excuse for not motivating yourself to try something new.  The older we get, the more fears we also accumulate.  Kids can pickup anything easily because of their wonderful malleable and fearless minds.  The more stuck in our ways of what we do and don't know, like or want, the harder it becomes to expose ourselves to new things with open minds.  It takes a conscious effort to invest time and energy into learning but that time and energy is invaluable once you pick up a new skill, knowledge or strength.  So just try.  You may fail.  You may hate it.  You may never want to do it again.  But if you don't try, you'll never know and you may just end up learning something you carry with you for the rest of your days here.  Life is short and #yolo!  A little discomfort, an extra hour and some effort could add more to who you are and your experience on this planet so why do yourself the disservice of not trying?  

Now, I'm not rambling on about this without listening to my own ramblings... I'm taking my first piano lesson as an adult next week! I took lessons as a small child but stopped when I was ten and have been talking about trying my hand(s) at it again for ages.  So long, in fact, that my husband bought me a beautiful keyboard for my birthday three years ago, which has sadly only collected dust up until this point.  Ah!  I'm nervous that I won't pick it up easily but I'm so excited at the challenge of trying to figure it out!  I also think that getting to practice something that expands my mind and confidence in my free time will add something to my life on top of the lessons!  When you exhaust yourself with people and working on a weekly basis, it's easy to veg out in your spare time but as enjoyable as books and television can be, they don't add to your life the way that an active hobby can!  Instead of spending that extra half an hour melting into your couch, think of something you've always wished you could do or wanted to try.  Then, instead of continuing to think about it... DO it!  TRY it!  It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!