I'm the type of person who loves an easy DIY... emphasis on the easy.  Big DIY projects are fun too, of course but the simple ones are a no brainer!  If I can spend even a couple dollars less than a store bought item and make it myself, I opt to try it for a couple reasons... you can create something entirely unique to you when you do it yourself and I take pride in my home environment so when a guest asks where something in it is from, it's really gratifying to be able to say "I made it!"  I'm not sure where I got the idea for these table lights but I must've seen 'em somewhere and they stuck in the back of my mind.  When I wanted to add more light to my entertaining area in my backyard, I had flashes of these bad boys and I knew they'd be the perfect fit! For under $20 (well under, if you make more than one), I made adorable rustic lights for my backyard in under five minutes and you can too by following the steps below!


Wide mouth 1/2 - 2 gallon mason jar (Approx. $4-$10 single, cheaper in bulk)

Battery-powered fairy lights (Approx. $4)

Electrical tape (Under $1)

Mounting tape (Approx. $4, can be substituted for electrical tape loop)

Twine (Approx. $1.50)

Hot glue gun (Approx. $3)


Batteries ($0.50)


First, remove the lid from the jar.  Using mounting tape, stick the battery pack of the lights to the underside of the lid.  Make sure it is perfectly centered before sticking and pressing it down.  Mounting tape is heavy duty stuff and if the pack isn't centered, you won't be able to close the lid and it is very difficult to remove and re-stick the pack once it's on there... I speak from experience.  

Once you've firmly attached the battery pack to the lid, tape any pre-light unsightly wire to the inside rim of the lid with electrical tape.  A black wire hanging down in the jar takes away from the fairy vibes so make sure it's all tucked away and neat.  Unravel the string of lights and mess it up a bit as you shove it inside the jar.  If the wire stays in the perfectly raveled shape it took whilst in the packaging, the lights will all sit on the bottom of the jar and you'll lose the effect.

Your final rustic touch is wrapping the lid with twine.  Fasten either end of the twin to the lid with a hot glue gun and pull tightly as you neatly wind the twine around the lid to ensure it doesn't loosen over time.  You will be pulling the lid on and off to to flick the light switch so you want make sure that twine is well fastened!

Et voila! You've captured your little fairies in a rustic chic jar without harming any Tinkerbells in the process and you've got yourself a super easy to do DIY light for indoor or outdoor use.  **If using outdoor, place in a shaded spot to keep the batteries out of the heat!