It's over halfway through the summer and my summer glow is nowhere to be seen.  As I've gotten older, I have really started to grasp the importance of sun care for your skin.  However, protecting my skin from further sun damage has prevented my skin from getting that bronze tanned summer skin we all love.  Since I've only ever had disasters with airbrushing and spray tans, I opted to take matters into my own hands and try an at-home faux tan.  Here's my step-by-step experience of my first successful faux tan with no lines, no streaks, no patches and no orange!

Step 1: Cleanse

Using a cleanser or exfoliant, wash your body thoroughly from head to toe.  It is important to removes dead cells before applying tanner so you have a blank canvas to paint!

Step 2: Tan

I opted for a foam tanner because it blended onto my skin more smoothly than creams or gels I've tried in the past.  Using my hand (you can also use a glove applicator if you have one handy), I spread a thin layer of tanner over my body in an even, circular motion being sure to wash my hands carefully when I finished... avoid backsplash from the faucet landing on your arms or torso when washing!

Step 3: Wait and Watch

It is important to wait patiently in loose, dark clothing and watch closely to the shade you are turning.  Don't be shocked by a darker color and wash the tanner off too quickly because your final color will be a couple shades lighter once the tanner is showered off.  With that said, be careful not to leave the tanner on too long or you'll end up looking muddy or orange!

Step 4: Shower and Maintain

You can maintain an even tan longer by moisturizing and even using a moisturizer with a mild gradual tanner in it but be sure to watch for patchiness and exfoliate your tan off once it begins to look not-so aux-naturale!

Voila!  You can rock your faux summer glow and keep up with the bronzed best of 'em without the harsh effects of natural sun damage!