Summertime living in Los Angeles means regular trips to the beach because it's a beautiful way to spend the day and we're fortunate enough to have the luxury of nearby beach access but also because the ocean breeze is the only refuge you have for the unbearable heat without paying a fortune on A/C bills.  I'm terrified of marine life and respect that the ocean is not my playground so I rarely venture into the ocean but if you're a little mermaid at heart, throw a bathing suit and a change of underwear onto this list.

1.  Sundress - I am a tomboy at heart and NEVER wear dresses but a flowing little sundress is the perfect beach attire and where I make an exception.  It's breezy, light and comfortable plus you look damn adorable lounging on the sand with the waves crashing behind you.

2.  Hat - Any hat will do of course but I am all about a straw hat this summer.  Something retro and kitschy, perhaps with a bow.  Keep the sun out of your face, your scalp cool and your classic summer beauty vibe on point.

3. Sunglasses - Keep your eyes UV-free and and well, open.  No one wants to spend the day all squint-y and burnt-retina-d.

4. A Big Ol' Bag - A big bag is key and one that you don't mind getting dirty or better yet, blends in with the natural color scheme, is a plus.  A beach day is a schlepp and a production so the more you can consolidate into one bag, the better!

5.  A Waterproof Bag - A waterproof bag is a really nice thing to have on you for the moments you actually decide to dip your legs in the water or have a little splishy splashy fun.  You don't want to have to re-situate your whole setup closer to water to keep an eye on it so a waterproof bag for your phone, wallet, keys, valuables, etc. gives you the freedom to move as you please without the panic.

6. A Huge Beach Towel - Sand is HOT so the bigger the beach towel, the better for ample hanging out space.

7. Sandals - Sandals that you can easily walk around on the sand with are also a must because of how hot the sand can get!  You don't want to burn your tootsies on the sand so pack them sand-DUH-ls! ;)

8. Sunscreen - You don't want your feet to burn but even more importantly, you don't want your skin to burn either! Whether you intend on going into the water or not, you will likely sweat sitting out on a beach so waterproof sunscreen is a good idea.  SPF 30 or higher!

9. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF - I swear by SPF enhanced tinted moisturizers all summer.  It gives you barely-there coverage, which is perfect for a beach day and protects your skin for the sun.  Facial SPF should be part of your daily routine anyway.  Sun damage is the leading cause of wrinkles, ladies!

10. Stainless Steel Water Bottle - There's nothing worse than being parched and surrounded by nothing but sand and salt water then reaching for that  taking a gulp of hot water that's been cooking in the sun.  Insulated water bottles are a genius invention that keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, definitely worth the investment for those long days out in the sun!

Happy beachgoing!