A perky butt is something you seriously take for granted as a young person... like take for granted to the point where you don't even realize that a perky butt is something that you have.  Then one day, you're in your underwear brushing your teeth in the mirror and you turn to the side and realize your ass appears to have literally melted into your thigh.  What were once separate body parts now seemed to have morphed into one saggy thing, creating a bigh or a thutt or some other sad non-word thing that you are not prepared to take ownership of.  You're still young.  Hell, you're in your prime!  Your boobs still have pep and your arms don't look like chicken wings yet so what is going on?!  Now, I'm not a doctor or a fitness buff so I don't know this for sure but my butt melting away is the first big sign of aging I've noticed on myself so maybe one's ass is the first thing to go.  Maybe because it's closer to the ground, gravity grabs hold of it quicker than other areas?  All I know for sure is that I am putting up a fight and you can too with this 10 minute butt workout.  This easy to do but shockingly difficult to get through booty workout will fire up your glutes, which in layman's terms means it will lift your ass up off of your thighs defining them as two separate entities once again... your welcome.

Your starting position resembles how you begin a traditional bridge but before you lift yourself into a 45 degree angle, notice the position required in this workout is not a traditional bridge.  By keeping your entire back firmly planted on the ground and only lifting your tailbone one inch off of the ground, you will save yourself from straining your back and quads and ensure this workout strictly targets your tush.  Tuck your hips under, engage your abs and squeeze your cheeks to lift your seat off of the ground only ONE INCH.  You are doing this right if you feel your entire spine glued to the ground for the duration of the exercise.  I repeat, only your tailbone lifts and the workout will only do its job if you're constantly squeezing your cheeks together. 

Let the workout commence!

Keep your left foot planted flat on the floor and lift your right leg up in the air, perpendicular to your body.  Keep your lifted leg as straight as possible and your hips as square as possible throughout the exercise.

Now comes that tush-squeezing lift I talked about. Squeeze your tush up one inch and back down one inch.  This is called a single.  Repeat singles for 1 minute. The quicker the pace and tighter the squeeze, the more burn you feel so push yourself! 

Maintaining the same position, lift and tuck your hips three times before squeezing back down.  Essentially, squeezing your cheeks as you lift up 1 inch, triple mini-humping the air and squeezing back down 1 inch.  This is called a triplet.  Repeat triplets for 1 minute.

Lift your tush one inch off the ground, engage your abs, tuck your tailbone and squeeze your cheeks. Begin to drift your straightened and lifted right leg out to the right three inches and back in to center.  Do not lose your engagement and repeat this movement for 1 minute.

Keep your lifted right leg centered and lift the toes of your grounded left foot up so you are now pressing only your heel into the ground.  With this grounded foot position, repeat single rush lifts for 30 seconds followed by triplets for 30 seconds.

Lower your left toes and lift your left heel so you are now on pointed toe with your heel high.  Lower your straight, lifted leg to a 45-65 degree angle so your knees meet and your inner thighs push together.  Keep squeezing your inner thighs tight together as your squeeze to life your tush for single for 30 seconds, followed by triplets for 30 seconds.  

Have a little stretch and shake out before begin the next side and repeat with your left leg lifted and right foot planted on the floor!

You will get out of this exercise what you put in so push yourself as much as you can and repeat it whenever you get 10 minutes to yourself.  Keep it up and you'll be telling gravity to kiss your firm, perky ass in no time!


VanityShenae Beech