Sporty spice was my favorite spice girl! ... said no one ever.  Let's be real, we all had a favorite and then we had our second and third favorite and then sporty spice typically fell somewhere after them.  Flash forward two decades and girls are copping her style all over the map.  Thanks to pop culture icons like Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora and the Kardashians, sportswear and streetwear have melded into a gym-worthy style that is perfectly appropriate to wear outside of the gym.  

I mean, if they can be super comfy and super cool all at the same time, we can too... right?!

In case you were wondering, the correct answer is 'hell yes'.  Ladies, capitalize on this trend while it exists, your feet and waistline will thank you!  It is so refreshing to not feel the need to succumb to the societal/peer pressure of stuffing yourself into uncomfortable and unflattering garments in order to look presentable when you leave the house.  Some sweats, a little spandex and a whole lot of swagger will send you out the door looking on par with the coolest of the cool.  Screw the little black dress and sky high heels... now who's your favorite spice girl?

My personal stapes right now in the sportswear/streetwear trend: 

  • Adidas Originals 'Gazelle' shoes
  • Forever 21 'Paint Splatter' leggings
  • Nike 'Rally' joggers
  • Boohoo bomber jacket with striped ribbing
  • ANYTHING from Adidas Originals 'Inked' collection

...just saying.  If you're feeling sporty for real and wanna get your sweat on, try this 10 minute butt burning workout here!