Summer is well underway and I'm a sucker for a seasonal change.  I like to embrace each season in my decor, activities, wardrobe and now with homemade scented candles because I'm domesticated AF.  The colors and sweet scents of these DIY candles will tickle all your summer senses and they're easy and affordable to make!  Supplies can be found at most local craft stores or online!


16 oz Thick Glass Jar

3 cups 464 Soy Wax Flakes

3" Pre-Tabbed Wick

Wick Base Stickers

Glass Thermometer (optional)

Glass Measuring Cup


1 oz Fragrance Oil


Pour wax flakes into glass measuring cup and place glass into a small saucepan half filled with water on medium high heat.  Allow to melt completely.

For summer-y pastel color, place 1/8 of a crayon into melting wax and stir with metal spoon until completely melted and mixed with wax.  It will cool to a much lighter color than it looks when melted so keep that in mind.  I chose colors to match my summer scents: 'Mint Mojito' scent - 1/8 green crayon for mint green candle, 'Sex on the Beach' scent- 1/8 red crayon for pastel pink candle, 'Jamaica Me Crazy' - 1/16 orange crayon and 1/16 yellow crayon for pastel mango candle.

Remove wax from heat once it reaches 185°F and let cool to 150°F before stirring in your fragrance oil of choice.  Once fragrance is stirred in, let cool again to 120°F.  While the wax is cooling, place wick sticker on bottom of wick and place in center of jar, use back of spoon to stick wick base down firmly.

Once the wax reaches 120°F, place glass jar somewhere it will not be touched or moved for a few hours before pouring wax in slowly.  Be careful not to touch the wick as you do so that it stays standing up straight and centered in wax.  Let your candle cool completely (best left overnight) and wait 24 hours to light it up!