Holy guacamole, indeed.  I know, a recipe for a simple dip you can buy ready-made at the grocery store for four dollars. Who cares, right?!  So f*cking wrong, my friends.  Apologies for the foul-mouth but that is how surrious I am about this guac recipe.  Four ingredients, a little love and a lot of compliments and "holy shit, this guac is amazing"s that follow the first bite.  No joke, everyone who tries my guacamole vocalizes their appreciation for it.  That right there shows some impressive guac skills and I'm sharing them with you and won't even be mad if you claim them as your own to future guests.  

Ingredients *Feeds 4... or 2 if you love it as much as me and the hubs*

4 avocados, small

1/2 red onion

1 8oz can of sweet corn

Juice of 1 lemon


Drain corn and set aside.  Dice red onion into chunks comparable in size to a kernel of corn and set aside.  Cut lemon in half, remove seeds and set aside.  Peel and cut avocado into quarters and use potato masher or fork to smush into desired level of mushiness.  Use muscle as needed.

Add corn, onions and squeeze lemon juice into the smushed avocado.

Stir it up, serve it up and enjoy with tortilla chips, in a wrap or as a burger topper!  If you don't get compliments on this guac when you serve it at your next BBQ, then my nickname in school wasn't the same as Martin Lawrence's drag queen alter-ego on 90's TV hit Martin. Bam!