There's little I appreciate more than a co-ord outfit.  Particularly one that channels a Boca Raton retiree or bored Beverly Hills housewife. Floral co-ordinate suits are my summertime steez and here's why.  

  • The Urban Dictionary defines steez as "Plain old style with eaaaze" and that is precisely why summertime suits are great.  They're easy AF to throw on and you look super stylish without having to really accessorize or style your look because the co-ord outfit is "the look".
  • They're typically made of extremely comfortable lightweight fabrics so not only do you look damn good but you feel good too. 
  • Summertime suits come in a wide variety of styles to reflect your personal fashionista vibe on any given day.  Whether you're going for sexy, retro, boho or menswear inspired, you can find a summer suit to suit your needs.
  • Florals are a good look year-round in my book but summer really gives you a valid excuse to play around with wild prints and rock them head to toe.  When the sun is shining, bigger, bolder, and brighter is better!
  • When you wear a summertime suit, people feel compelled to acknowledge and compliment it.  Whether they wish they were wearing one themselves or they simply can't believe that you are, you've caught their eye and made them smile.  A floral co-ordinate outfit makes you happy and it makes other people happy so you should probably just wear one for the good of mankind. 
  • You're basically wearing summertime on your body, thus you basically embody summertime.  You're pretty much a mascot for fun in the sun.  Who doesn't want to be that person?!

For some awesome and affordable floral co-ord looks, check out Forever 21 and Billabong.