Thanks for visiting the site and getting lost in lala with me.  This website is a weekly lifestyle journal based on the crazy universe we live in as seen through my eyes and hopefully others' sooner than later (holla future contributors!).  So, who the f*ck am I and why do you care to read about my take on the universe?  Well... I'm Shenae. I'm a sarcastic, self-deprecating, confident and insecure, opinionated and shy, self-proclaimed weirdo with an affinity for pretty things, adventures, and delicious indulgences. AKA I'm a walking contradiction most days.  AKA I'm a female millennial.  And you very well may be, too.  I will preface that this website is home to extreme personal bias, so if you're looking for vanilla factoids and an objective point of view, you're probably in the wrong place.  My hope is to never offend or alienate readers but to create honest and (*fingers crossed*) interesting content that readers can identify with.  The answer to 'why read it?' is the same as why I write it... so we can all feel a little less "I'm the only person on the planet riding this rollercoaster called life", if you know what I mean. 

Lala is the land I live in both literally and figuratively.  I do happen to live in Los Angeles, California, which is a very real life version of Neverland only with more than one Captain Hooks running around town and lot less pixie dust.  I also live in the lalaland inside my head most days.  You know that place in your mind where you get caught up in all the whirling desires, opinions, fears and passions that you have until you can't put one thought in front of the other? Yeah, that's the one.  And this is my outlet for all those thoughts and feelings.  A place to word vomit it out so my brain doesn't explode and all for your viewing pleasure. :) Hope you dig it!