Here are my 8 essential items when traveling to Marrakech:

1. Camera. I would bring both digital and film if you've got both.  The textures, colors and grit of the city are incredible subject matter to shoot. It sounds cliche but there's just something about film that can capture the charm of a subject in a way digital just doesn't do justice. If you've got an old film camera collecting dust, this trip is definitely the time to get it back in action!

2. Sunnies. Whether the sun is shining bright or the glare of an overcast day is in full effect, sunnies are key for keeping the dust out of your eyes and keeping the souk salesmen at bay.  It gives you a few extra seconds of browsing before they start haggling for a deal!

3. Cross body bag with zip closures. While I felt safe the entire time I was in Marrakech, you have to be aware of pickpocketing.  Carrying a bag that can easily swing to your front in busy areas and is secure with zips making it inconvenient and difficult for pickpockets is crucial.  You don't want to have a petty mugging interfere with the beauty of this amazing city and put a damper on your trip!

4. Easy breezy pants. It's warm and dry in Marrakech but out of respect to local culture, it's best to avoid wearing anything above the knee.  Marrakech is certainly the most modernized city in Morocco but there are lots of traditional cultural aspects still very much in play.  There isn't any rules against wearing shorts or skirts but I'm always in favor of blending in as much as possible when I travel so wearing airy trousers that are comfortable and light is your best bet!


5. Scarf.  A scarf is just a great transitional layer while out on the town from day to night. While many women in Marrakech no longer wear headscarves, it is again nice to have the option while exploring the city of putting it up to be respectful when appropriate.  It's also a beautiful accessory for any outfit!

6. Shawl. Again, it is easy to lose yourself well past sundown in Marrakech without making a pitstop at your hotel for a change. A shawl is a great layer that let's the breeze in during the day and keep you warm once the evening cools down!

7. Comfy flats. As a tourist, I found the best way to explore Marrakech is on foot.  All of the twists and turns in the winding alleys of the souk seemingly go on forever and it's how you discover the fun.  Wearing light, flat shoes that are easy to wash is key because they will come back covered in desert dust!

8. Lots of spare room. Marrakech is famous for its souks and you will definitely get sucked in to many wonderful purchases so make sure you have loads of extra room in your suitcase going in. The silverware, the leather good, the lanterns, rugs, and all types of home decor... the shopping possibilities seem endless until you realize how little room you have left in your case to bring it all home.  You really don't need to bring much with you apart from the essentials mentioned above, a few tops, underwear and toiletries so trust me when I say spare room in your suitcase is one of the most essential things of all!

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