It's just one of them days where my face is throwing a temper tantrum.  Somewhere between June gloom weather confusion and the hormonal rollercoaster of being a woman is my red, irritated, dry and broken out skin.  I wanted quick relief that wouldn't cost hundreds of dollars at a cushy spa then I remembered my friend talking about a pumpkin enzyme peel he got at a cushy spa recently and thought hmm... if it's actually made of pumpkin, sounds like a homemade remedy waiting to happen.  Enter this kitchen concoction of pumpkin and papaya.  Both of these ingredients have active enzymes that chemically exfoliate dead cells away, revealing a healthy layer of smoother, plumper, more even textured skin. They're also rich in antioxidants which will restore and prevent skin damage and zinc, which will calm irritation and redness and aid in anti-aging.  Ummm... what's not to love?!


1 15oz can organic pumpkin puree

1 papaya

1 egg

1 tablespoon honey (Manuka honey, if you can find it)

2 drops tea tree oil (optional)


Combine your seeded and peeled papaya and can of pumpkin puree in a blender with the egg. (The egg helps bind your key ingredients.) This should only take a few seconds. Once completely blended, you're good to go for application. Use your fingers or a clean makeup brush to apply the peel as evenly as possible, making sure to avoid sensitive mouth and eye areas.  You don't want to peel away any of that already-thin under-eye layer to reveal even darker circles! P.S. I'm sure your eyes are bright, sparkly and doe-like, this is merely a reminder to myself because I always take peels and masks too close to my lash line.

You can also blend in a tablespoon of honey for added moisture but if you have an extra 20 minutes, I highly recommend whacking the honey on your face solo or mixed with a couple drops of tea tree oil as a mask afterwards. 

Note: If it is remotely warm where you are, be weary of drippage. Best to start with a very thin layer and have a washcloth handy.

The peel is very active so only use it once a month as you would any facial and remember it's mega important to take care of that new fresh face of yours with sunscreen and moisturizer!  Please note, these ingredients can be allergenic so testing a patch of skin not on your moneymaker before applying the peel or mask is a must! You're grown-ass people so your due diligence because I will not take responsibility if your face falls off from a bad reaction. I will however take full credit for your beautiful new skin if you love this DIY facial as much as I do! ;)

Happy peeling!