I've done it! I have finally achieved the infamous glitter lip and I did it just in time to share it with all of you for the holiday season! I mean... what better occasions to rock some flashy lip wear with pride than the ones coming up in the next couple weeks?!  Thanks to Dubcandy, you can get all of the supplies necessary to achieve this wow-factor makeup look with the click of a button.  Simply add items directly to your Amazon cart as you go by clicking the product pop-ups throughout the video above!  I literally could not make this tutorial any easier for you to achieve at home yourself and I hope you enjoy doing it yourself as much as I did!

I've wanted to nail the glitter lip look for ages and I'm so glad I finally did because if I do say so myself, it's a damn good look! While some blogs tell you gloss is more comfortable for all night wear, I insist on using the products I did in this video because while gloss may be a more comfortable adhesive, it's just not functional!  Who likes to go out on the town without eating, drinking and smooching their arm candy all night long?! I mean, I want to look cute but I also like to enjoy life thank you very much.  With these inexpensive products you can have it all, all night long!  Not only will this makeup look ensure you stand out in the crowd of fellow party-goers, you will still look like a classic beauty with these red smackers and I guarantee you'll be getting compliments all night!


Cinnamon Extract (Optional)

Lip Moisturizer

Red Lip Liner

Red Lipstick

Eyelash Glue with Brush Applicator


Lip Brush or Small Makeup Brush

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