The holidays are coming up quick and we're all scrambling to come up with ideas for what to get the special folks in our lives.  The ones you can't get something generic for.  The ones who deserve more than a simple gesture.  The ones who mean a whole lot and should be treated as such.  The ones for who, if we could, we'd buy their dream car or tickets to their dream holiday destination or all sorts of extravagant, outlandish, "holy sh*t, you're the best" kinds of things.  Alas, we cannot because put frankly, we'd be broke.  One day, when we're on Forbes' Super Rich People list, we will totally do and buy all of those things for those wonderful special folks but until that day comes, I have an awesome gift idea for you that will let those folks know how special you think they are and will only cost you $30-$100, depending on how well you scavenge thrift shops! 

First, channel the child within you that once upon a time spent time, energy and thought on gifts because they didn't have a penny to their name to spend!  They're in there somewhere and though you may feel silly, I assure you that no matter how old you get, people always value gifts given/created with thought and sentiment far more than monetary value.  This creative, one of a kind gift will be a winner at any age! 

Second and equally as important, think of the individual receiving the gift.  Put your considerate cap on and brainstorm their favorite colors, aesthetics and nicknames... whether it's just 'mom', a term of endearment you use for your significant other or your friend Robert who does construction and calls himself Bob the Builder... any nickname (or plain, ol' birth-given name) will do!

Next, find an affordable denim or leather jacket in their size (thrifted or new) and follow this simple tutorial for a DIY custom personalized gift that they will carry with them in their hearts and on their backs every day!



Fabric Paint(s)

Paint Brushes (A couple different sizes)

Small Sponge

Pencil and Paper


Start by practicing how you will write the name on the jacket on a piece of paper.  There is no erasing paint on fabric so make sure you feel comfortable with your design before starting to paint the jacket!

I started by spraying glitter fabric paint on the jacket as a background.  This is an optional step only necessary if the recipient of your gift would like this sort of thing.  I used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process so I could get started on the actual design!  With a small paintbrush, begin painting the name design you practiced on your piece of paper.  It is best to start with thin strokes.  You can always go over the letters with a thicker paintbrush after your initial outline is drawn out and you have an idea of spacing on the jacket!

Once the main design is on the jacket to your satisfaction, you can get creative with some splatter effects using the same or complimentary fabric paint colors!  Simply pat the end of your paint brush randomly around the name design and for more spray paint effect, pat light coats of paint in random areas and shapes with a small sponge.  You really can't go wrong, just remember that less is more and you can always add paint but you can't take it away!

Once your masterpiece is complete, let it dry flat or hang up somewhere unobstructed where air can get to it to dry!  Let the thoughtful, sentimental and just plain awesome gift-giving commence!  I gave this jacket to my best friend and he hasn't taken it off since!!! 

Jackets for Under $100