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When I say cheesy holiday party, I'm talking cheesy goodness in the best sense of the term... the edible kind! While we we're not known for the other kind here at Lost in Lala, edible cheesy we do all day and we pride ourselves on doing it well!  In this party tutorial, I am going to talk you through a few awesome tips and tricks that you can use when planning one of your own holiday gatherings this year.  Cooking for a large number of people can feel overwhelming and decorating in ways that make your home standout from the other holiday shindigs everyone will be attending this time of year can bring social pressure... Lost in Lala to the rescue!

First thing's first... cheese please! You guys know I love a delicious dip for gatherings because they are simple to prepare and clean up and can be surprisingly satisfying for a lot of guests' hungry tummies making main dishes easier as well! This dip is actually inspired by a main dish so as far as delicious flavor and satisfying hunger, I'd have to say this one takes the cake! I can guarantee you that my Kaukauna® Spreadable Cheese Cups lasagna dip will tickle every guests' tastebuds at your holiday get together this year! There's nothing cheesy about that! Head to your local Kroger grocery store and spot the pot of gold in the sandwich meats and cheese aisle!


Layer 1: 1/2  Kaukauna® Sharp Cheddar Spreadable Cheese Cup

Layer 2: 1 package ground turkey
              1 small onion, chopped
              2 cloves of garlic, minced
              2 tbsp olive oil
              1 jar marinara sauce
*Use half of turkey mixture as Layer 2 and half as Layer 5*

Layer 3: 1 package of mushrooms, chopped
              1 clove of garlic, minced
              1/2 onion, chopped
              2 tsp olive oil
              1 tbsp parsley, chopped
              1tbsp butter

Layer 4: 1/2  Kaukauna® Sharp Cheddar Spreadable Cheese Cup

Layer 5: Remaining half of turkey mixture

Layer 6: 2 bundles of spinach, chopped
              1/2 onion, chopped
              1 clove of garlic, minced
              1/4 cup skim milk
              2 tsp flour
              1/4 tsp nutmeg
              1 tbsp butter
              2 tsp olive oil


Layer 1: Spread half of your Kaukauna® Sharp Cheddar Spreadable Cheese Cup across the bottom of a medium-sized casserole dish.

Layer 2: Heat olive oil on medium heat and sauté onion and garlic until fragrant and slightly translucent.  Add ground turkey and stir frequently until fully cooked through.  Add marinara sauce until the mixture begins to steam and bubble.  Turn heat down to low and allow to simmer for another 5 minutes so flavors can evolve.  Remove from heat and pour half of mixture across casserole dish as second layer.

Layer 3: Heat olive oil on medium heat and sauté onion and garlic until fragrant and slightly translucent.  Add mushrooms and stir frequently until mushrooms begin to darken in color and wilt slightly.  Add butter and parsley and stir for another couple of minutes.  Add layer to casserole dish.

Layer 4: With a spoon, dollop remaining half of your Kaukauna® Sharp Cheddar Spreadable Cheese Cup across casserole dish as fourth layer.

Layer 5: Spread remaining turkey mixture across casserole dish as fifth layer.

Layer 6: In a medium pan, heat olive oil.  Add garlic and onion and stir frequently until fragrant and translucent.  Add the chopped spinach and cook until wilted and dark green in color.  In a seperate medium pan, melt butter on medium-high heat.  Once melted, add flour and stir quickly and constantly for about half a minute.  Add milk and nutmeg and stir quickly and constantly for about a minute. Add cooked spinach mixture to milk mixture and stir until combined well.  Spread creamed spinach across casserole dish as final layer!

Serve your dip at room temperature or warm in oven for 15 minutes at 350°F and be sure to have a variety of chips, pita crisps, crackers and/or toasted baguette slices on hand! Your guests will fill up quick with smiles from ear to ear!

The only way this dip can get even more perfect is served alongside a wooden cheeseboard full of Kaukauna® Cheese Logs, Kaukauna® Cheese Balls or a unique flavor of Kaukauna® Spreadable Cheese Cups... I served up the Kaukauna® Port Wine Spreadable Cheese Cup with a french loaf, which tasted delicious and worked perfectly with my color scheme! ;) All Kaukauna products are available in a wide variety of flavors and made of 100% real cheddar cheese! Top your tablescape off with a bold, beautiful handmade holiday centerpiece to leave a lasting visual impression on guests!  All you need for that last part is a color scheme, a quick trip to your local craft store and the tutorial below!


Part 1: Faux wreath
           Bits and bobs of glitzy decorative holiday foliage
           Wire cutters
           Hot glue gun 

Part 2: Medium sized glass jar, vase, milk bottle (whatever you have on hand at home will do!)
            Decorative Ribbon
            Bits and bobs of glitter-free, foam-free decorative holiday foliage
            Floating Candle(s)


Part 1: Simply cut down stems of decorative bits and bobs if need be and glue them in a symmetrical pattern onto your faux wreath. The bigger the bits and bobs and the busier the arrangement, the better.  It is the holidays after all! 

Part 2: Cut ribbon and tie into a bow around the top portion of your glass vase.  Cut down stems of bits and bobs if need be and place into your vase in varying order as that is how they will lay for the most part.  Do not overfill.  Decor may rise slightly when vase is filled with water and you don't want any foliage peaking out over the water line.  Fill vase with water, leaving approximately 1/2"-1" of room at the top.  Place floating candle(s) into water.

Arrange your centerpiece on your table placing your vase in the center of your wreath.  It is a stunning display that draws big wows from guests and while it's very easy to craft, you'll score major holiday hosting points for effort and creativity!

Holiday parties are truly special because everyone in attendance is in a happy, indulgent, fun-loving mood during the holiday season! As a host it is a wonderful feeling to have guests who are ready for a great time but it can be stressful too! This post is dedicated to helping alleviate some of those holiday hosting stresses... a small token of my appreciation for all of you wonderful readers that have supported the blog in its debut year! ;) Hope it's been helpful! Tag me and Kaukauna on social media in photos of your own Kaukauna® Spreadable Cheese Cups lasagna dips and floating candle wreath centerpieces please! Also, be sure to check out the Kaukauna Sweepstakes!