Not literally because that'd be gross but the point is to pretty much look like they have done just that.  Having spent her life keep those pesky sweater-eaters at bay, grandma may not approve but the who's who of fashion are giving this trend a thumbs up this fall so sorry grandma!  Distressed everything is still as popular as ever and now that temperatures are dropping, the trend has graduated from tees to sweaters.  From basic cotton crewneck sweatshirts to oversized wool sweaters and even cashmere knits, any sweater goes as long as it has pulls and holes.  This may be something you could DIY with a pet cat or kitchen utensils but I'd recommend going store-bought with knits because once a pull starts, it is difficult to control where it stops.  

I feel like ventilated sweaters seem somewhat contradictory and may even defeat the point of said sweater entirely during "sweater weather" but hey, it ain't about function folks, it's fashion! Throw on a denim or leather jacket if you need an extra layer to keep warm.  Either works perfect for the look! 

The fab fashion guru of the moment, Ms. Monica Rose, is a solid go-to for any and all seasonal trends as she seems to style just about everyone who influences them.  One of her favorite brands to deck them out in lately is Unravel Project. Now, a distressed sweater from the highly coveted Unravel Project by Ben Taverniti will run you anywhere between $350 and $1200. *GASP* I know.  Take a moment to catch your breath if you need to before reading on...  

... Welcome back.  As to-die-for as every single piece by this brand is, each one is simply out of this world unaffordable for most of us.  The good news?  A distressed sweater, much like the ones worn by Unravel lovers like Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner, aren't hard to come by within the $30 to $100 price point.  Now that's what I'm talking about!  

You know I got your back... literally in this case.  Scroll through my shoppable product list below for some steals that will have you rocking this trend in just a few clicks without breaking the bank!